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Do you like what you see and want to be a part of making the digital world more human? We are excited for you to apply! Contentsquare and the Talent Acquisition team's commitment to you is to ensure the best candidate experience and set you up for success from the very beginning.

To do this, we wanted to share a few tips, give insight into the recruitment process, and answer some of the questions you may have.

Contentsquare wants you to succeed. Starting from our very first interaction.

That's why we provide information and tips below to help you throughout the recruitment process.

The Contentsquare interview process

Depending on locales and roles, the recruitment process may vary. To give you a general overview of the process we have summarized the five most common steps in our recruitment process (see graphic below).

If you would like additional information, ask your recruiter!

  • Stage 1

    Recruiter phone interview

  • Stage 2

    Hiring Manager/Stakeholder interview

  • Stage 3

    Team / Stakeholder interview

  • Stage 4

    Assignment & presentation

  • Stage 5

    Interview with departmental leader

  • Stage 6

    Offer / background check

Frequently Asked Questions

Resume Tips + Application + Criteria

  • Tailor your resume to the job description - identify keywords and key requirements of the role and make them visible on your resume.

    We do not require you to submit a Cover letter, but if you want to highlight what we can’t see on your resume then this is a great way to do that. For career changers, this is also an excellent way to showcase your experience, your why, and the synergies between your past experience and the role you're seeking to shift into. For entry-level candidates and/or those with little experience, this is a great way to showcase your skills, knowledge, and your “why” for applying to the role.

  • Not necessarily. A shorter resume that showcases your worth is ideal, but we respect your experience. A tip if you do want to shorten your resume is to highlight the “meat “of your experience as it relates to the role you are applying for.

  • If you plan to relocate while going through the interview process, please communicate this information to your recruiter.

    If you are an employee of Contentsquare, you will need to speak with your manager and a member of the People team.

  • The majority of the roles at Contentsquare have a time-zone requirement. For example, some of our Customer Support and Customer Success roles are aligned to the geos that our customers sit. While we love the energy and excitement of individuals who propose to work alternate time zones, we want to ensure a healthy work-life balance for all of our employees.

    Typically, if one of our job postings is linked to a country vs. a specific city for the location, that can indicate flexibility with time zones.

  • Determinations for each role/department are at management's discretion and are not based on any one factor alone. Whether the position is suitable for remote or hybrid work is based on the nature of the job duties, time-zone requirements, etc. These determinations are made in a consistent and transparent way that prioritizes both equity and engagement. Please refer to the job description and feel free to apply either way.

  • Great Question! An External Referral Program was created to encourage non-employees to submit referrals for their friends or family in exchange for a charitable donation that Contentsquare will make on their behalf.

    - Any referral is valid for 6 months from the time of submission.
    - Only candidates who meet the essential qualifications for the position will be considered.
    - If one candidate is referred more than once, the first individual who made the referral will receive the incentive.
    - There is no cap on the number of external referrals an eligible individual can make.

    To make a referral or learn more about the program, please email the candidate’s resume to Upon receipt of the resume you will receive an email acknowledging we have received the resume.

    Certain rules, restrictions and eligibility required apply.

    This is an ongoing program, but Contentsquare may change the program at any time.

    Any disputes or interpretations of this employee referral program will be handled through the Talent Acquisition Team.

More information about our recruitment process

  • If you are selected to move forward or the role is not a fit, you should receive an email within 0-2 weeks of submitting your application.*

    *Subject to change

  • It depends on how far you make it within the process. The process should take 4-5 weeks in total. This could vary based on certain circumstances out of our control. If you are not selected for a phone interview, you should receive an email within 1-2 weeks of submitting your application. If you make it through the process, you should hear from the recruitment team within 1-3 days post interview. It is an internal commitment we have to to respond with feedback as quickly as possible.

    If there is an urgency on your end, please notify your recruiter!

  • Our global recruitment process is currently virtual/remote. Please note: there may be extenuating circumstances that require an in-person meeting. If this is the case, you will be notified in the phone interview stage. If it is not mentioned, feel free to ask!

  • Useful Video Tips:

    - Dress appropriately - Yes, our work attire is casual, but it’s always recommended to dress professionally in an interview.
    - Confirm with your recruiter before-hand whether the interview will take place via Zoom or Google Meets. Please note: Zoom is our preferred video conferencing tool.
    - Log on before (5-10 minutes) to ensure there are no technical issues. If there are, let your recruiter know!
    - Ensure you are in a quiet place, free from distractions (children and pets are always welcome - we’re human too!)
    - Turn off all computer and cellphone notifications.
    - Ensure both camera and audio work; make sure to turn both on.
    - Be ready to share your screen, if needed.
    - Try to make virtual eye contact!

  • Throughout the hiring process, be prepared to talk about the following topics (including, but not limited to):

    - Your background and experience
    - Your interest in Contentsquare and the role
    - What are you looking for in your next opportunity
    - Your current and previous career performance
    - Industry knowledge + job-specific knowledge
    - The environment and culture you thrive in

  • If you are unable to take time off from your current role to interview with Contentsquare, make sure your recruiter knows that you have a limited amount of time away from work to plan the interview. Ask for another time and make every effort to compromise. This is an honest request that we will always try to accommodate but may be limited with what we can make work if outside of work hours for our team.

  • - Be yourself
    - Be on time and come prepared
    - Again, dress appropriately and in a quiet place
    - Show off the research you’ve done on us and why it excites you, because it excites us!
    - Be prepared to share examples of your work
    - Ask questions – be eager to learn more and don’t be afraid to challenge us

Background check FAQs

  • A background check typically verifies that the information you have provided your recruiter during the hiring process is factually correct.

    It may also include public record checks, such as checks to confirm your identity, or to reveal reportable criminal records, adverse credit history, or adverse media coverage that may prevent you from being suitable for the job (but it’s always up to the employer to decide that).

    To find out exactly what your screening will cover before the process starts, speak to your recruiter.

  • Different recruiters request checks covering different time periods. A check may cover 6 years’ worth of address history (for an ID or credit check), 5 years’ employment history and all higher education qualifications, or it may just cover your previous employment (if that’s what your recruiter has requested).

    To find out the full scope of your background check (before you’ve started it), speak with your recruiter about it.

  • HireRight will never contact your current employer without your permission first. You will be asked if we can contact your current employer immediately, after a certain date, or not at all as part of the application form (and we will act accordingly).

Share your feedback

We're always looking for ways to improve our candidate experience, so don’t be afraid to provide feedback through our Candidate Experience Survey or directly to your recruiter.

Of course, if you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to reach out to your recruiter as well!

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