WEBINAR: Pure Play VS Click-and-Mortar — Lessons From Digitally Native Brands and Traditional Retailers

Lorraine Ryshin

May 30, 2019 | 2 min read

Some brands are digitally mature as soon as they come into being. With their appetite for digital disruption and strong data-driven culture, this new crop of pure play brands has been capitalizing on retail’s shift to digital.

Other brands benefit from years and years in the customer service game and have used their physical stores to practice the lessons of customer satisfaction they apply to their digital platforms.

But as consumers increasingly demand an integrated shopping experience, brands are rushing to combine the best of both worlds — the digital-first smarts of digitally native businesses and the personal touch perfected by traditional retailers.

Both models have their fair share of room for improvement and discrete strengths, and digital teams for both types of brands have much to learn from their counterparts.

If you are a pure player, a click-and-mortar or a traditional brick-and-mortar business seeking to break into digital, we’ve got a webinar for you.

In this webinar, we’ll be zeroing in on the following topics:

  • Create experiences that engage
  • Improve ecommerce conversions
  • Encourage deep navigation
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Shrink the mobile conversion gap
  • Obtain higher product reach rates
  • Leverage more pages per visit
  • And many more

The webinar will be led by Jean-Marc Bellaiche, our Chief Strategy and Partnership Officer, who has accumulated over 28 years in the industry, having worked for top-name brands such as Tiffany’s and The Boston Consulting Group. He’s also served brands in various verticals, such as luxury, fashion, beauty, jewelry and hospitality, among others.

An expert at generating growth for a breadth of businesses, he will be sharing insights gleaned by analyzing 52 million user sessions, 440 million pageviews and 1 billion clicks.

So are you ready to elevate your digital strategy and master both types of businesses? If so, join us on June 6th at 2 pm.

If you can’t attend, register anyway, as we’ll send you the recording after the event.