Upstride Joins the Contentsquare Family to Accelerate AI Innovation


Jonathan Cherki

July 20, 2021 | 3 min read

We’ve got a pretty good radar for talent at Contentsquare, and we realize how privileged we are to be able to grow our team with some of the world’s most highly skilled experts and creative thinkers. And today, I’m very excited to welcome 14 world-class engineers from deep-tech company Upstride into the Contentsquare family.

We have big plans to augment our AI capabilities over the coming months and years, and innovation has always been — and will continue to be — the fuel to our growth. And it doesn’t get much more innovative than Upstride. Gary Roth and the team are true experts in machine learning, and have worked with some of the world’s leading tech companies to revolutionize the use of AI in business. Just thinking about what we can achieve when this knowledge and expertise is put towards helping brands design smarter customer experiences, is amazing.

So what does AI have to do with customer experience, you may ask. And where does deep learning fit into Contentsquare’s plans to help create better digital experiences for all? Well, it all goes back to you and I, and how we are collectively navigating a society that is more connected than ever before. And it all boils down to one question: how can we make sure we get the digital experiences we deserve?

Humanizing the digital experience

Businesses across the world are investing significant resources in building better digital experiences for all of us. But what do we mean exactly by ‘better’ experiences? For a long time, the way people measured how good of a digital experience they were offering was pretty mechanical — you could track where people entered your site, what they clicked on, and where they exited. What was missing from this picture was how people actually felt when they were on a website or app: what frustrated them, what was helpful, etc

These are the types of questions we set out to help businesses answer from the start — why web visitors behave the way they do and how to improve the digital experience around their goals and expectations. From our early beginnings we explored the ways in which AI could revolutionize the way people approach experience-building. 

We developed zone-based heatmap technology, for example, to automatically identify every single element of a web page and measure customer engagement and conversion at a granular level. We created AI Insights to bring teams timely insights into what is working and what isn’t on their sites, so they could easily fix issues and maximize opportunities with no time wasted. We’ve also leveraged machine learning to deliver smarter merchandising insights and to make sure performance issues don’t linger and hurt revenue.

AI has a key role to play in driving more predictive capabilities and more intelligent workflows, and we’ll continue to make our analytics smarter to help businesses forecast CX outcomes from past insights.

In short, AI not only enables experiences that are more in tune with what customers feel and want, but it also empowers teams to work smarter and focus on the part of their job that really matters — building strong connections with people.

Writing the next chapter in customer experience innovation

 When we announced our intention, two months ago, to use our Series E funding to accelerate innovation even more, we meant it. Because innovation has always been, and will continue to be, the fuel to our growth. Over the years, we’ve invested heavily in building an outstanding R&D team (250-strong and counting) but we’ve also always known that sometimes, faster innovation happens via acquisitions. 

We have big ideas for our newfound partnership with the team at Upstride, but we also know the most groundbreaking ideas are probably the ones we don’t even know about yet. I personally can’t wait for the next milestone(s) on our innovation roadmap and to share more capabilities and tools with our customers.

The team at Upstride is a real inspiration for all of us at Contentsquare and for the nearly 1 in 4 members of our team who work in our product house today. We have so much to learn from and with them, and our doors are wide open to innovators and ideas people who want to join the adventure.