Contentsquare Talent Spotlight: Lauren Kim, Internal Communications Intern


Lauren Kim

April 10, 2023 | 3 min read

“My favorite aspect of working at Contentsquare was how much they value the voices of all their CSquad members. I never felt restricted, or that the projects I was receiving were watered down just because I was an intern. There was always full transparency and clarity with all of the projects that were assigned to me. My ideas and questions were always heard, allowing me to do my best work and making me truly feel like a member of the team.”



Reflecting on my Internal Communications Internship at Contentsquare

As my six-month internship with Contentsquare comes to an end, I’m taking this time to reflect on how much growth I’ve experienced. The Internal Communications Intern position had me working directly with Internal Communications Manager, Sabrina Dufour, who allowed me to take this internship in the direction that I wanted and cater it to my passions and skill sets. 

As a sophomore at Rutgers University studying Journalism and Media Studies with a minor in Data Science, writing is a huge part of my daily life. Being able to draft not just global communications, but also pieces for The CSquare Blog, Contentsquare’s internal communications platform, sharing the stories of CSquad members has been one of the highlights of my internship. 

Speaking of the CSquare… contributing to a project and seeing it come into fruition from start to finish was by far the most rewarding experience during my time here! From populating content, writing up captions, and working with the UX Team and Design Team, I truly experienced being part of a united team working towards a collaborative goal.

It’s crazy to believe that I began as an intimidated 18 year old intern on a floor full of accomplished executives and even our very own CEO, Jonathan Cherki. The welcoming environment that was fostered by the entire community shifted my narrative from intimidated to feeling invigorated and excited to come into the office. From the time I clocked in to the time I clocked out everyday, I felt included through gestures such as genuine conversations during lunch, which made my experience that much more positive.

While I learned a plethora of things, the most valuable lessons I’ve learned are to no longer be afraid of edits. I no longer shy away from others seeing and critiquing my work after seeing how it results in a stronger end product. I’ve also mastered time management from balancing multiple projects whilst being a full-time student in college and commuting from out of state. 

So, what’s next for me? I’m excited to announce that I’ll be delving into the world of marketing! I’ve accepted a spring internship position as a marketing intern for a consulting firm here in New York City. Being able to navigate and utilize Hubspot is ultimately what got me this role, which I learned through the creation of The CSquare! 

It’s been rewarding to see that the skills learned here are already applying to advancements in my professional career. I’ll also continue to live out my life as a student as I finish out my sophomore year at Rutgers. I plan on implementing my newly learned leadership qualities to make a difference on campus as the Vice President of Phi Mu, a sorority with the highest overall campus GPA. 

Upon my reflection, all I feel is gratitude towards a company that has kept my best interests at heart and has challenged me to continue growing by pushing me out of my comfort zone. The skills, lessons and connections I have gained at Contentsquare have exceeded my expectations and made this experience valuable beyond measure. I can’t wait to see how transformed Contentsquare is by the time I graduate college, and maybe in a few years you’ll see me returned to the CSquad like I never even left!


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