Contentsquare Emerging Talent Spotlight: Leah Frydman, Account Development Intern


Haleigh Byers

March 29, 2023 | 4 min read

Leah Frydman


Being an Account Development Rep is exciting. It gives me a glimpse into what it’s like being a Sales Development Rep and then growing further as an AE – so much so that I do get frustrated that I can’t go further into the sales cycle.”



Meet Leah, Account Development Representative (ADR) at Contentsquare. Leah joined Contentsquare in September 2022 for a 6-month internship. Before her internship ended we sat down for an in-depth Q&A to discuss her experience on the Sales Development team. Leah gave us a glimpse into her background and experience, her day in life as an ADR, her learning experiences, and more… 

Tell me about yourself, Leah:

I’m originally from Paris, but I graduated from Royal Holloway with a Business Management degree in June 2022. From there, I wanted to take a gap year to gain work experience to help figure out my likes and dislikes before deciding on a Master’s degree. I was interested in Marketing as a career, but during this gap year, I wanted to explore sales and intern abroad. I was told that sales is a great position to learn skills for the future, such as communication, and clear and analytical thinking, so here I am now. I landed at Contentsquare, where I’m working full-time as an ADR out of Amsterdam. 

How did you find this internship opportunity and what did the interview process look like? 

I found Contentsquare on Welcome to the Jungle. At the time, Contentsquare was exploding. I applied and was granted an interview where I met with a recruiter, the ADR team leader, the EMEA Sales leader, and the SDR Manager. Before interviewing, I understood the position but struggled to understand the product. They took the time to explain both to me in detail and I had a much better understanding after each interview. 

Why did you choose Contentsquare and how do you feel about your decision after a few months here? 

I knew I wanted to get into the tech sector and Contentsquare is the best product in digital experience and analytics.  I networked with a Contentsquare employee who told me more about the company, its values, the global environment, the well-being focus, and the social opportunities. 

After one month of onboarding, I started operating in my role. I feel enhanced here. I’m pushed to do my best and I get great training/advice that has helped me grow. I’ve also gotten to know my colleagues not just on a professional level, but on a personal level as well. 

What does a day in the life of an Account Development Representative look like? 

As an ADR, I’m responsible for working on opportunities to influence – building prospect lists, researching, and prepping the accounts for the SDRs so they can tackle the account properly. In my role, I also have the opportunity to act as an SDR and create pipelines from scratch. 

Monday and Tuesday we have strategic meetings internally with the SDR and AE teams. I’m really energized in the mornings, so Wednesday – Friday I focus on calls and email outreach early in the day to get as much response as possible, then I get lunch and come back to wrap up my day working with SDRs on account plans and administrative work. 

Being an ADR is exciting. I like the role and what I am doing. It gives me a good taste and glimpse into what it’s like being an SDR and then growing further as an AE – so much so that I do get frustrated that I can’t go further into the sales cycle ;). 

If you had to describe an event or project that you’ve learned the most from, what would it be and why? 

Different things come to mind. I recently went to a fun event in Luxembourg with an Account Executive to prospect and network. It was a great learning experience, I got a lot of opportunities out of that event, and I was able to bond and learn from the Sales team. 

I’m also working on an SDR/ADR collaboration project in EMEA. I’ve learned about strategy and assessment, leadership skills, communication skills, and process improvement. 

Is there anything else you’ve learned in your internship that you feel has benefited you in your career?

I feel set up for success because I joined a company that offers real learning opportunities for interns. Contentsquare is a unicorn company. It’s well-known, has great HR, has an amazing product with great people to support it, and people that are willing to help you learn according to your expertise. 

In this role, I’ve built on my hard and soft skills. Cold calling has improved my communication skills. I’ve learned inductive reasoning and practical analysis. I’ve learned a significant amount of information about our product and I’ve learned about the market – needs and challenges of different verticals and personas as well as pitching the Contentsquare product to each of those.  

Do you have any recommendations for those looking for an internship or new position? 

The best advice I have for any intern at Contentsquare, in any position, is (1) do not be afraid to ask questions and (2) introduce yourself and interact with not just those in your departments, but with other departments that you work with as well.  Curiosity is a good thing and when you broaden your connections, that is where you will learn the most. 

If interviewing for an ADR position then just be yourself. Be curious, be excited, and show that you want to be a part of this company and how you can provide value in this position. Being an ADR in a company that is still growing like Contentsquare you aren’t just seen as an intern but as someone that helps Contentsquare improve. 


There you have it, folks. Thank you, Leah, for taking to share a small piece of your Contentsquare story and we wish you the best in your next endeavor.

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