Contentsquare and Hotjar: Why you should care about the hottest new digital intelligence couple


James McCormick

September 9, 2021 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Until recently, digital analytics (in the form of 1st generation web analytics products) remained firmly within the hands of web, tech, data, and other specialists – often our sole conduits for understanding customers on our websites and apps. While fine for first-generation marketing and eCommerce, this approach left little room for the new generation of business and technical professionals seeking critical insights to deliver outstanding online customer experiences that beat the competition.

This is why the new generation of digital professionals eagerly turn to the likes of Contentsquare and Hotjar; two technology providers who are leading the charge within the rapidly growing Digital Experience Analytics (DEA) technology category. 

What exactly is digital experience analytics?

Digital experience analytics (DEA) usurps the capabilities of typical web analytics tools by shifting the focus beyond measuring the effectiveness of marketing and eCommerce campaigns; to one that provides insights on every type of digital experience – including those within product, service, and support contexts. Leading DEA technology providers allow business users, product managers, specialists, and others for a shared understanding of customer experiences and factors influencing those experiences.

It is this ability to create a joint-up consensus on experiences that make DEA technology critical to any successful program to digitally transform organizations. And most importantly: Without DEA technology it is impossible to continuously and at scale deliver great digital experiences in a way that provides a brand competitive differentiation.

Introducing the hottest couple In digital tech

The joining forces of Contentsquare and Hotjar is not your usual tech news. Why? Because Contentsquare and Hotjar are by far the strongest players within the enterprise and SMB/E markets respectively. And DEA tech is now critical to the success of digital transformation efforts of all types of organizations across the globe. 

As a long-time observer and analyst of the digital analytics space, I find this partnership both exciting and impactful to the DEA industry and its customers. Here are three reasons why…

1. End-to-end strategic partnership – whatever stage you’re at

Any organization on their digital transformation journey needs tech to help understand and innovate on their customers’ experiences – no matter what stage they’re at. At the start of their journey, Hotjar delivers immediate self-service value that helps product teams identify and prioritize opportunities to evolve digital experiences quickly. Then, when organizations are ready to accelerate and scale their digital transformation projects, Contentsquare’s platform meets the needs of enterprises when a plethora of different teams seek to enhance and innovate on experience based on a common view of customer experience.

Whether you’re with a single product team within a small business wanting to find and prioritize experience issues, or with a massive organization transforming online experience to leapfrog the competition – the Contentsquare x Hotjar partnership has the tech you need.

2. Full customer lifecycle coverage

Today, the reason why a customer digitally interacts with a brand changes depending on where in the brand-relationship lifecycle the customer is. A typical cycle of digital engagement will start with the discovery and exploration of products and services. It can then move on to “digitally” consuming and seeking support on those products and services – such as scheduling a curbside pick-up, doing a virtual gym workout, or ordering a taxi.

Whatever the reason for engagement, the customer experience must be understood and acted upon. The joining of Contentsquare and Hotjar makes room for best-in-class experience to be delivered to customers – no matter which part of the customer lifecycle journey they are engaging within.

3. One clear DEA choice for true CX transformation

Until recently, the DEA tech space was strewn with similar but different tools from a gaggle of vendors – all tackling different use cases and servicing different users. 

Contentsquare changed all that. With massive investments in rapid development, technology acquisition, and integration efforts, it is now the go-to DEA platform for enterprises. And thanks to its acquisition of Hotjar, there is now a clear choice for SMB’s looking to take an insights driven-approach to transforming their digital customer experience.

An exciting new era in digital analytics and experiences

While the DEA technologies have long provided significant ROI, it has taken the vast investment in Contentsquare and its acquisition of Hotjar to finally mature the market for this technology. This partnership clearly shows that DEA has moved from a nice-to-have to something critical for operational and business success. Together Contentsquare and Hotjar provide insights to almost one million websites in 180+ countries, analyzing trillions of web and mobile app behaviors and micro-gestures.

I’m incredibly excited about what this means for the DEA industry, but particularly how it will empower us to help our clients create truly outstanding digital experiences.