5 strategies to maximize your digital customer experience with our 2023 Benchmark Report


Jack Law

February 14, 2023 | 4 min read

Heading into 2023, the future looks uncertain for many businesses. Companies in every industry are prioritizing resilience and nervous about investing unwisely in innovation.

That’s why there’s never been a more urgent need for data to inform business priorities and help you tailor your digital customer experience to drive more efficient growth in the face of economic headwinds. Enter: The 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark Report.

For 2023’s edition of our annual survey of the digital customer experience landscape, we’ve crunched 12 months of data from 26 countries, 9 industries, 2,942 websites, 35 billion user sessions and 161 billion page views to bring you the evidence and insights you need to succeed this year—whatever it throws at you.

See how your digital experience stacks up.

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We’ve identified the key global digital trends in user behavior that shaped the customer experience in 2022 (defining industry leader and laggard performance). We’ve mapped out the data in charts and graphs to paint a vivid picture of the state of digital customer experience for you, your colleagues and the C-suite.

And we’ve filled the report to bursting with actionable insights that you and your digital teams can use to optimize your digital experience and investments, while capturing attention, engagement and revenue throughout 2023.

Still on the fence about downloading the report? If so, here’s five great reasons to download it, read it, share it, love it—and use it to inform a digital customer experience strategy that will help you delight customers and grow your business this year.

5 tips for your digital customer experience strategy

1. Benchmark your customer experience metrics against your industry peers

Yep: the clue’s in the title. The 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark Report provides the benchmark for measuring 2022’s digital performance across no less than 9 industries:

  • Retail
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • FinServ
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • FinServ
  • Energy, Utilities and Construction
  • Media
  • Software
  • Services

See what looks good (and not so good) in your industry and if your business is hitting the mark. Then find out how to ensure you’re part of the leaders’ pack in 2023 by tailoring your digital customer experience strategy according to our other insights.

2. Navigate 2022’s web traffic trends—and beat the consumption crisis

After a three-quarter slump, traffic rallied in Q4, rising by +5%. And that’s good news, right? Well… kinda.

The problem is that even when traffic was up, session consumption was down—with less time per session, fewer page views and shallower scroll rates all signaling that it’s only getting harder to persuade site visitors to engage (and convert).

The ‘grazing’ behavior we increasingly see from visitors is bad for brand’s bottom lines, particularly considering how big a slice of traffic came at a premium (with paid sources driving 25% of overall traffic and 31% of mobile traffic), and the -2.9% drop in paid conversion rate in 2022.

But don’t despair. Our report breaks down the complete digital customer experience journey, including the beginning (traffic) and the end (conversion), but also the much-neglected and all important everything in between—so you can design your digital customer experience strategy around stimulating consumption and conversion throughout 2023.

3. Discover the factors frustrating visitors and minimize bounce rates

A great customer journey engages customers from page one and keeps them hooked from there on out—right up to (and beyond) the point of conversion. That’s why the customer journey’s biggest enemy is friction, and the emotion you least want your visitors to feel is frustration.

So it should be a major cause of concern that the 2023 Benchmark Report shows that far too many customers are still feeling that frustration: 1 in 3, to be precise.

Removing this friction from your journeys should be a major component of your digital customer experience strategy in 2023—and we’re here to help.

Our report identifies the 6 biggest user frustration factors in DX and quantifies the effect they have on visitors. Get to know these journey-killers ASAP so you can get down to eradicating them from your digital customer experience—before they eradicate your revenue.

See how your digital experience stacks up.

Download the 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark Report for the metrics that really matter.

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4. Unleash the power of user activity: digital customer experience’s new most important metric

Our report covers all the metrics you’re already familiar with and interested in (bounce, conversion, traffic sources, etc.). But there’s one metric we cover that many businesses are currently overlooking to their detriment: Activity.

Our analysis shows that boosting this metric is absolutely key to increasing efficiency, converting customers and fuelling growth—and should be a big priority as far as your 2023 digital customer experience strategy is concerned.

So what is activity? You’ll find out more about that inside the report, but in a nutshell: activity measures the physical interactions visitors take while they’re on an individual page and working their way through a journey, including swipes, scrolls, clicks and typing.

And here’s the really cool part: as defined by the share of time users spend interacting with content during visit, high activity turns out to be strongly linked to both lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

5. Prioritize your investments for 2023’s digital customer experience strategy

Tech budgets are likely to be tighter this year and every dollar needs to be spent wisely. Forrester predicts that 80 percent of companies will pivot innovation efforts from creativity to resilience in 2023.

Our report will help you do just that, by highlighting the pages you should focus your testing and optimization efforts on. We call out the Most Valuable Pages (MVPs), both across all 9 industries and within each specific industry. We also dive into the anatomy of a buyer’s session to show which pages buyers are viewing and spending the most time consuming before converting.

2023’s digital customer experience strategy starts with 2022’s digital experience data—and there’s no better place to get that data than in the 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark report.

Get the data and insights you need to make every visit count in 2023

2022’s benchmark for DX has officially been set—and we’re just getting started when it comes to setting out the digital customer experience strategy for beating it in 2023.

So what are you waiting for? Head to our report landing page to get your FREE report.

See how your digital experience stacks up.

Download the 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark Report for the metrics that really matter.

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