What Is Digital Experience Analytics

Capture a complete understanding of your customer in the digital world

When face-to-face with someone, it’s easier to understand how they are reacting to the experience you are providing them, whether it be through what you are saying or products, offers or other content you are showing. However, in the online world, it’s much harder.

Digital experience analytics allows you to understand your customer’s unique behaviors, feelings and intent in the digital world, just like you would in the face-to-face world.

Turn insights into action

Your teams spend a lot of time building digital experiences you think customers want, but when customers interact with those experiences, they often interact with them very differently than you expected.

Digital experience analytics gives your teams what they need to build experiences customers actually want and find useful. It provides quantifiable data that your teams can use to prioritize actions to deliver customer experiences that achieve customer happiness and deliver business impact.

Build trust with customers in a time when trust is valued more than ever

Consumers put privacy front and center when they interact with businesses online. They want to know that their every move is not being tracked, while at the same time getting content that makes sense to their unique needs. That’s a difficult balance to achieve.

Digital experience analytics lets you understand and take action on customer behaviors, feelings and intent to deliver relevant and personalized experiences, without sacrificing customer privacy. 

The result is greater trust with customers.

Move quickly to keep up with market disruption and customer expectations

Market disruption and evolving customer expectations are a constant certainty. Accelerated adoption of digital experiences is at the heart of these changes. How quickly businesses move to offer digital experiences that work for customers in a time of change will make a difference in whether businesses not just thrive, but survive.

Digital experience analytics enables organizations to move quickly to deliver digital experiences that build strong businesses in the face of constant market disruption and evolving customer expectations.

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