How to optimize your website


How to improve your website performance

In this guide, we cover the key metrics (CWV and otherwise) that you need to be tracking and present 55+ actionable insights to optimize your web performance.

Forrester’s free study - how Contentsquare delivered 602% ROI


Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ Study

Forrester finds 602% ROI with Contentsquare in new Total Economic Impact™ study.


4 Ways Digital Experience Analytics Improves Marketing Campaign ROI

Learn how to maximize your acquisition spend and campaign performance with customer-centric experiences that drive action and deliver results.


Frost and Sullivan’s Global Company of the Year Award Report

Read the full report from Frost and Sullivan about how and why Contentsquare was recognized as the 2022 Global Company of the Year for its digital experience analytics.

Use Case Set

Digital Transformation: Building A Data Culture To Compete On Experience

A brand’s competitive advantage requires speedy data-driven decisions for all team members. Experience makers are losing time and business when basing their digital experience without understanding their users’ behaviors. Learn how four brands created a successful digital transformation by implementing next-gen analytics.