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Maximize Merchandising performance

CS Merchandising helps Merchandisers, Traders and Category Managers measure, manage and increase revenue from their products. By rapidly revealing new revenue opportunities, CS Merchandising empowers your team to take action faster.

CS Merchandising Benefits

  • Boost Revenue

    Optimize product placement with the products customers love.

  • Increase Campaign ROI

    Analyze campaign performance, understand what promotions worked

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    Optimize Pricing

    Adjust pricing based on competitive insights.

Catalog Management

Get a 360 view of catalog performance

Boost revenue from key placements by understanding the driving factors impacting your product, brand and category sales. Make better day-to-day decisions about product placement, price, stock, and cross-selling and fill your best spots with products customers love.

Visual Merchandising

Data-driven Visual Merchandising

Optimize your website “real estate” and improve campaign performance by understanding how users engage with each product or piece of content, and if that engagement led to a sale.

See exactly which products users saw, added to cart and purchased after clicking on campaign banners — to optimize your campaign creative and landing pages with your most engaging products.

Competitive Pricing

Deliver competitive pricing

Identify where high prices are impacting your bottom line, and where there are opportunities to improve your margin without losing revenue.

When category performance drops, quickly understand if your price is the cause — and which products to adjust to remain competitive.

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