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Work smarter, not harder with automated insights

CS Insights helps you proactively identify the most critical issues on your website and prioritize optimization efforts by business impact. Don’t spend hours on every page or watching countless replays, let CS Insights automatically put the most valuable items right in front of you. Deepen understanding of insights and resolve issues faster while aligning everyone on the team around the right improvements that generate the best results.

CS Insights Benefits

  • Save Time

    Track behaviors automatically as they happen

  • Prioritize Effectively

    Find the best investments to generate the best outcomes

  • Resolve Issues Faster

    Score behaviors and visualize events for quicker insights

AI Insights

Intelligently identify biggest opportunities for business impact

Lacking time or resources? Let AI-driven insights do the heavy lifting for you to uncover issues you’d otherwise miss. Our intelligent scoring lets you immediately pinpoint where exactly you should focus your energy by ranking issues based on their impact on experience, conversion, and revenue. AI-based scoring and actionable insights automatically surface areas of opportunities and points of frustration across any customer session, anywhere on your site. 

Experience Score

Spend less time analyzing and more time building better experiences

Prioritize where to focus based on easy to understand ranked scores and insightful recommendations where to focus, saving you time and speeding up time to resolution. Pinpoint struggles that are confusing users, whether caused by form fields, navigation or performance issues.

Session Replay

Visualize and quantify user struggles and prioritize decisions

Quickly visualize and understand why users are struggling with a particular button, error or a form field by recreating those sessions. With the click of a button starting from the event stream, quantify and see how many other users struggled with the same frustrations and prioritize resolution more effectively.

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CS Find & Fix

Find it. Fix it. Love it.

CS Find & Fix allows you to quickly locate errors and user frustrations. From session replays to page speed analysis, learn what makes your users return or leave your website.

Spot errors more quickly that impact your business
Identify pain points in the customer journey
2d icon of a light bulb lit up Connect web performance and business metrics
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • We don’t just qualify any type of observation as insight. We are set out to understand the user intention behind the actions. Is this simply a repetitive click to view the next content, or is there an error or frustration contributing to a rage click? Contentsquare AI is powered by not only data scientists, but also trained by experienced analysts who spent years doing the manual work. Once you identify the underlying reasons behind the struggle, pinpoint insight’s source with visual replays providing your whole team a clear path to take action.

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