Impact Quantification

Quickly understand the impact of site errors on key business metrics

Prioritize which issues to focus on first by quantifying their business impact on conversion rate, revenue, site and app performance, and user experience on any page or screen—all without the need for constant tagging.

Top-down, bottom-up quantification

Analyze results in a way that suits you

Start analysis from a single Voice of Customer complaint and quantify how many others experienced the same issue. Or start from a bird’s eye view of your biggest issues and opportunities and drill down from there.

Sequential behavior segmentation

Extensive quantitative analysis of specific user segments

Identified an issue in Customer Journey Analysis or Zone-Based Heatmaps? Shortcut straight to Impact Quantification to see how this behavior is impacting conversion and ROI. Breakdown any behavior by trend and profile of users impacted, including browser type, operating system, and other key performance indicators. 

  • Quantify how many others exhibited the same behavior (across pages, in-page content interactions, and error messages). 
  • See at a glance how issues impact different user segments.

Most common use cases

Clearly measure business impact of site errors

Take the guesswork out of understanding how your actions affect site and app performance, and quickly quantify opportunities to see what drives results.

an icon image of a stylized open book Case Study

Impact Quantification in action

How Emma used customer behavior insights to increase conversions on key campaign landing pages by 7%

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We were looking for a new analytics tool that was flexible and easy to implement. Contentsquare makes our lives so much easier by providing insights about our customers’ behavior that we never had access to before.

I really enjoy working with the platform!"

ShuAn Yang

Digital Optimization Manager
Emma – The Sleep Company

Frequently asked questions

  • Impact Quantification quantifies the impact of any user behavior or navigation event (page viewed, button clicked, error, etc.) on revenue, conversion rate, and user experience. Impact Quantification also tells you where this behavior or event happens the most (devices, operating systems, browsers, versions, or pages), when it started, and exactly what it looks like through real user session replays. Lastly, Impact Quantification lets you run improvement scenarios and estimate how much revenue you could save or make in each of them.

  • Quantitative data is a measure of values or counts in the form of numbers. Whereas qualitative data cannot be measured or expressed in numbers—it’s collected from text, audio, or images and shared through data visualization.

  • Measuring the effect of changes or issues on your website is important to understand what affects your customer experience and ultimately your revenue goals the most. Contentsquare’s Impact Quantification allows you to quantify occurrences on your website through relevant KPIs and get insights within minutes by visualizing the data. This helps you to prioritize actions on your site in line with quantitative customer data.

  • Business impact can be measured through KPIs such as conversion rate, goal achievement, and bounce rate, as well as number of visits and revenue impacted.

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