a 2d icon of contentsquare's merchandising product Digital Experience Monitoring

Know what makes them click

Understand the quality of your user experience to deliver a more seamless, intuitive, and inspiring digital journey. Contentsquare’s digital experience platform enables you to connect website errors and slow performance to their real-time business impact, helping you prioritize where to focus time and resources.

Remove the guesswork

Understand and quantify user behavior

With advanced behavioral analytics, monitor the health of your entire digital experience—from key conversion funnels, product discovery, and search functionality—to deliver outstanding digital experiences.

Streamline product development

Get new products to market faster and with fewer errors

Monitoring pre-production environments allows you to fix issues before they get costly. Synthetic tests, real user monitoring, and real-time alerting help you react to production issues faster and at scale. 

  • Leverage APM integrations to enable one-click access to backend data explaining client-side issues. 
  • AI insights and alerts help free up to focus on what really matters: innovation.

Deepen insights into customer feedback

Turn customer feedback into a goldmine of data

Quickly identify the context behind all customer feedback from Voice of Customer, call centers, customer support, or social media and quantify the audience impacted and potential revenue loss.

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