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Mobile App Analysis

Get the most comprehensive insight into your native app mobile experiences and provide your digital teams what they need to know to improve customer journeys across all mobile devices.

Journey Analysis

Visualize how users move through the app, screen by screen, from entry to exit. The interactive sunburst reveals journeys for specific segments, journeys from and to certain screens and lets you compare journeys side-by-side.

Zone-based Heatmaps

Reveal how visitors interact with each part of the screen. Leverage unique metrics to tell a story about how customers see each screen and how it influences behavior. Reveal whether users take their time reading (Slow Swipe) or rush through the screens (Fast Swipe).

SDKs for iOS & Android

Easily deploy Contentsquare for Apps and capture behavior while ensuring GDPR compliance. Engineered to avoid any noticeable impact on app performance.

With Mobile Apps Analysis, the whole team can access actionable insight

The same powerful Contentsquare insight, but for mobile apps

Understand why users download, uninstall or convert

Close the mobile conversion gap

Customize content and journeys to increase customer usage and satisfaction

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