Contentsquare hosted a panel discussion with its partners, Optimizely and Perficient. It brought digital marketers, IT professionals and product managers together to discuss strategies for making the most out of tech stack investments. With budgets being slashed and teams expected to do more with less, learning how to maximize the ROI of existing technology and tools has never been more important.

Perficient’s general manager of digital experience platforms, Brian Beckham, Optimizely’s senior customer success manager, Sarah Lawton Hawkins and Contentsquare’s enterprise success manager, Kyleigh Dorn shared their advice on how brands can improve their current technology ROI this year.

What are the best practices to maximize ROI from your digital channels/programs?

Brian Beckham: One thing we see is organizations focusing on time to value—how they can demonstrate ROI quickly. The key to this is prioritizing your investments. Teams need to take the time to evaluate their options to ensure their investments target their goals. When in doubt, always invest in technology that provides clear, specific and measurable results that contribute to the bottom line.

Why is investing in a tech stack becoming more valuable than a suite?

Kyleigh Dorn: It allows you to choose the right solution for your organization. It may sound elementary, but organizations are all different. A successful program aligns people with technology. I’ve seen many cases of clients buying into a suite they maybe weren’t quite ready for, which ultimately leaves some products sitting unused.

Sarah Lawton Hawkins: Not all companies have a one size fits all need, and additionally, not every company can go deep into all tools. A tech stack might seem difficult to manage initially, but having experts in each area can be critical for success. This is where your customer success teams and account managers can help. Additionally, integrations and strong partner communications can make those tech stack transitions and data transfer much easier.

How can businesses leverage technology more efficiently when other budgets in 2023 may be decreased?

Kyleigh Dorn: This ties into the tech stack discussion. Having a truly integrated ecosystem not only allows you to operate more efficiently but also more effectively. When your teams are using tools that “speak the same language” and are all working toward the same strategic goals, so many efficiencies are gained. More often than not, this doesn’t involve any more spending. I recommend leaning on your customer success teams and sharing what tools you already have, and working with them to identify opportunities to integrate.

Sarah Lawton Hawkins: Be more strategic with your tech stack investments and testing strategies. Work to understand if you are using the tools you currently have at your disposal to their full capabilities. This will ensure you’re getting the most value out of your tools and possibly eliminate the need for additional investments.


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