Website conversion rate: How BYMyCar is leveraging Contentsquare and Dexem to increase conversion rate


Erin McDonald

April 11, 2023 | 3 min read

The Contentsquare and Dexem integration links BYMyCar’s phone calls with digital journey insights, allowing the marketing team to make optimizations across the entire experience to boost conversion rate.

“By leveraging Dexem and Contentsquare we were truly able to understand our customers and deliver a more personalized CX in order to optimize the conversion rate.” —Rajai DAJANI, Director, Digital Marketing & E-Business, BYmyCAR

What is the website conversion rate?

In simple terms, the website conversion rate indicates the percentage of visitors who complete a specific action on your website. This action can vary from downloading an ebook or app, signing up for a free trial, making a purchase, booking a demo, or subscribing to a course. The higher the conversion rate, the more successful your website is in turning visitors into leads or customers.

Contentsquare x Dexem

Brands can analyze the digital journey of a customer who converted via telephone through an integration that shows Dexem call tracking on a Contentsquare dashboard. By analyzing the journey data of phone conversions, digital teams can identify which paths lead to the most conversions and optimize the customer journey accordingly.

Benefits of the Contentsquare and Dexem integration

  • Uncover the customer journey before they pick up the phone.
    • Create visitor segments through Contentsquare based on Dexem data to visualize and analyze the behavior of users who made a phone call.
  • Identify the campaigns that drove phone calls.
    • Compare and highlight ads, traffic sources, keywords and visitor journeys that drove visitors to pick up the phone.
  • Understand the entire customer journey.
    • Recognize if visitors are bouncing pre-conversion or just completing their journey by phone. Get the full picture of your website performance.

How BYmyCAR projects website conversion rate to double

BYmyCAR is a French car dealership that distributes new and used vehicles with operations across France, Switzerland, Spain and Italy.

To maintain its role as a leader in European auto distribution, the company relies on its website to generate thousands of leads each month. A priority for the team is nurturing the leads and leading them to conversion. A conversion occurs when a lead requests more information (such as details about a car to buy, a car to test drive or a service to maintain a vehicle). These converted customers are much more likely to initiate and complete the purchasing process.

Conversion through the phone is the north star for BYmyCAR, because these contacts are more mature and more likely to become a customer. To increase the number of leads converting, BYmyCAR needed to analyze visitor behavior and identify the visitors’ digital experience that leads them to convert over the phone. Their goal was to understand the digital journey that led qualified leads to call and drive more users through that journey to double their leads.

BYmyCAR leverages Dexem’s call-tracking technology to collect data on these calls and analyze the insights directly in Contentsquare. By creating specific user segments with Contentsquare, BYmyCAR compared the behavior of the two populations: visitors who called and visitors who hadn’t yet called. Then, the team conducted deeper analysis, using Contentsquare’s technology to understand where the journey occurred (mobile or desktop) and which products they interacted with most (used, new, electric, hybrid).

“Leveraging Dexem and Contentsquare empowers our marketing team to collaborate seamlessly across channels. The integration gives us the full picture of the customer journey adding phone conversions as a KPI, allowing us to provide an optimal experience to all of our visitors.” — Rajai DAJANI, Director, Digital Marketing & E-Business, BYmyCAR

By having a 360° view of the customer journey and which behavior leads to conversion, the team recommended reducing page bounce rates, improving content placement, and making call-to-action buttons easier to access. The BYmyCAR team then set up AB Tests to validate their hypothesis.

Through data analysis , BYmyCAR made informed recommendations to optimize the customer journey, increase inbound leads and exceed the goal of doubling its conversion rate. From Q4 2022 to Q1 2023, calls increased by 70%, and 105% year-over-year.

About Dexem

Dexem is the European leader in call analytics solutions. Through Dexem Call tracking, customers can measure phone call conversions from their marketing campaigns. Allowing you to analyze your visitors’ journey before their call and get a true 360° view of their journey.

Learn more about Contentsquare’s partner ecosystem here.


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