Contentsquare Takes Top Spot In Multiple Categories in G2 Fall Best Software Awards Including #1 for Digital Analytics



September 18, 2023 | 3 min read

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Global digital experience analytics provider celebrates leadership award in 9 categories including Digital Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics, and Heatmaps 

New York, NY – September 18, 2023 – Contentsquare, a global leader in digital experience analytics, is proud to announce it has been named the #1 leader in Digital Analytics, Journey Analytics, and Heatmap Tools, in the G2 Fall 2023 Best Software Awards. In addition, Contentsquare was ranked the top scoring vendor in Journey Mapping.

Earlier this year, the company earned a leadership ranking for key categories such as Mobile App Analytics and Mobile App Optimization. With 75% of digital traffic mobile, getting mobile right is no longer a nice to have for brands. There are 6.7 billion smartphone users – 86% of the global population – and 85% of their mobile screen time is spent using apps. This audience is active, critical, and with the massive competition that exists on apps today, app users are demanding flawless experiences.

Helping Contentsquare’s customers meet their own customers where they are — ie. on mobile — is a core focus for the company. In June 2023, Contentsquare revealed enhanced mobile analytics that include comprehensive experience monitoring and cross-platform support for mobile apps across major frameworks including Native iOS and Android, Flutter, and React Native.

Designed to radically improve the customer in-app experience, CS Apps quickly surfaces opportunities to optimize performance, improve user journeys, and lift usage and conversion. With two-thirds of traffic today on a smartphone, and deeper journeys linked to better outcomes, the ability to detect bugs, troubleshoot API or crash errors, and fix issues in real time is key to boosting engagement and reducing uninstalls.

Providing exceptional mobile experiences via mobile web and apps has the power to increase brand engagement, retention and conversions—leading to more revenue, higher growth and better ROI for businesses. To offer positive experiences, brands need to understand what causes frustration and what leads to conversion within the user journey. Digital experience analytics (DXA) can help brands see the in-page experiences of real users, so that brands can make data-driven optimizations that provide the best experiences throughout the user journey. 

With 1 in 3 customer journeys today deemed frustrating, the ability to meet customers where they are and to deliver flawless experiences every time has never been more critical. Contentsquare’s AI-powered platform provides rich and contextual insight into the digital customer experience, enabling businesses and organizations to continuously improve the customer journey across web and apps.

This is Contentsquare’s fourth time being recognized by G2’s Best Software Awards, earning its place thanks to its mission to help businesses and organizations build more human digital experiences. Contentsquare was ranked a leader in the following Fall 2023 categories:

  • Digital Analytics
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile App Optimization
  • Mobile App Analytics
  • Heatmap Tools
  • Customer Journey Analytics
  • Session Replay
  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)
  • Product Analytics
  • Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Contentsquare customers that apply digital analytics data insights are able to deliver experiences that are relevant, intent-driven, and higher-value, resulting in boosts to online session depth, time-spend, and revenue. Within three years of implementation, brands achieve a ROI of 602%, according to a 2023 Forrester Total Economic Impact study on Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics software. In addition, 54% of teams cannot prove the ROI of customer experience, but with Contentsquare they can in just six months. The company has seen 20-30% conversions that led to more purchases of product, increased lead generation, and more completions or more subscribers.

“Being continually recognized by our customers for our innovative solution and ability to help brands deliver better human digital experiences is a testament to our product. We are proud that our product, engineering, and customer experience teams are being recognized by G2 for the work that they do, and we look forward to continuing to raise the standards of digital experience analytics for the industry as a whole and beyond,” said Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer at Contentsquare.

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Contentsquare delivers the power to make the digital world more human. Its AI-powered platform provides rich and contextual insight into customer behaviors, feelings and intent — at every touchpoint in their journey — enabling businesses to build empathy and create lasting impact. A global leader in digital experience analytics, Contentsquare helps brands everywhere transform the way they do business, allowing them to take action at enterprise scale and build customer trust with security, privacy and accessibility. More than 1.3M global customers use Contentsquare to grow their business, deliver more customer happiness and move with greater agility in a constantly changing world. For more information, visit

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