As if Google Analytics users weren’t busy enough planning their migration to GA4, now Google has announced the sunset of Google Optimize. It appears to cover all users of Google Optimize, regardless of whether it’s with Google Universal Analytics free, Google 360 Universal Analytics or Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

The announcement came towards the end of January, but users have been given until September 30, 2023, to run experiments (and look for an alternative A/B testing solution).

But the good news is that this opens up an opportunity to strategize and boost your testing program.

How? Combining your new A/B testing platform with digital experience analytics to create more successful tests quicker and more often.

So, don’t just replace your existing tool—level up your testing!

Integrating your A/B testing tool with Digital Experience Analytics

If you haven’t integrated your Google Optimize with a digital experience analytics solution such as Contentsquare, you’re missing out!

Digital experience analytics allows you to dive deeper into your visitor behavior at speed to optimize your experiments and drive maximum value.

User behavior data-driven testing will help you understand which A/B tests are most worthwhile to invest in because they are the most likely to improve your target metrics. And after testing, you can see why a particular test variation won or failed. Digital experience analytics uncovers exactly what nuances in user behavior across variations led to a certain result.

For example, you can use digital experience analytics during and after testing to:

  • See heat maps that show the variation A vs. B,
  • view anecdotal session replays and understand why a test won,
  • and the biggest success factors of your tests.

What features should you look out for?

Not all digital experience products are equal.

While you’re deciding on your Google Optimize replacement, here are four capabilities you should keep an eye out for in a digital experience analytics solution (DXA):

  1. Side-by-side customer journey comparison: This allows you to drill into where your customers start their journey, their onward journeys and their intent.
  2. Side-by-side in-page behavior comparison: This is key for understanding what makes a successful interaction vs. a failed one.
  3. Quantify your business impact: This should include the business impact of differing in-page behaviors and the impact of user friction to help you prioritize tests.
  4. Integration with Google or Adobe Analytics: You should make sure you can import the customer segments you’ve already created in these tools, so you can further refine the customer segments within your DXA tool.

How does Contentsquare’s DXA platform help elevate your A/B testing strategy?

Contentsquare supercharges your A/B Testing systems helping you understand what you don’t already know about your customers. This enables you to make smarter, faster decisions, all while getting a higher ROI in your experimentation investments.

For example, using the platform you can:

  • Discover user journeys and compare successful vs. unsuccessful sessions side-by-side.
  • Understand in-page behavior and what makes customers click vs. what leaves them cold.

This insight will give you a more informed perspective on which next A/B tests are most likely to move the needle for your desired conversion goals.

Side-by-side Zone-based heatmaps for A/B testing in Contentsquare Digital Experience Analytics Cloud

Data-driven A/B testing use case with Space NK

Space NK is a great example of data-driven A/B testing. The team used Contentsquare’s visual digital experience analytics cloud to support their A/B testing program to optimize conversions on their PDP.

Based on behavioral insights in Contentsquare, Space NK hypothesized that getting more customers to read reviews on their PDP pages would increase conversion and revenue.

An analysis was set up to test two variations of the customer reviews section of the page.

Contentsquare insights helped inform the A/B test results—and ultimately, this increased conversions by 30%. To get more insight into Space NK’s data-driven A/B test, read our customer story.

Goodbye Google Optimize, hello Contentsquare

Popular alternatives to Google Optimize like AB Tasty, Optimizely, Kibo and Kameleoon already integrate with most digital experience analytics providers out there (including Contentsquare, of course). So, if you’re looking to take your A/B testing program to the next level with actionable insights into your user behavior, book a personalized demo with a Contentsquare expert.

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