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Find it. Fix it. Love it.

CS Find & Fix optimizes operational efficiency while averting dramatic revenue loss, providing an unprecedented end-to end solution to deliver seamless digital experiences. Let it enable your business and technical teams to spot issues and speed problems impacting customer experience.

CS Find & Fix Benefits

  • Revenue Growth

    Recover lost revenue, grow your business

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    Customer Happiness

    Remove friction, make customers happy

  • Faster Response Time

    Speed up resolution of customer issues

Error Analysis

Spot errors more quickly that impact your business

Let Contentsquare’s data science algorithms distinguish real signals from noise thanks to statistical significance calculations, deterministic error grouping and more.

  • Prioritize client-side errors, such as Javascript, API failures and more, based on impact to conversion and revenue.
  • Surface technical and behavioral data that explains root cause, and a clear path to how it can be remedied. 

Experience Search

Identify pain points in the customer journey

There are difficult points in a customer's journey where they have the potential to opt out.

  • Retroactively search and identify sessions where users run into messages, such as “Oops….”, “Out of stock”, “Payment failed” or form validation errors.
  • Set up alerts to let you know when abnormal message views spike.
  • Understand how these situations affect revenue and identify the best way to fix it.

Speed Analysis

Connect web performance and business metrics

With real user monitoring (RUM) and synthetic monitoring, dive into pages and journeys to get in-depth web performance insights and alerts.

  • Measure Core Web Vitals down to the individual page level, and know where your technical SEO is at.
  • Drill down to the causes of low performance.
  • Take your insights and easily create “no-code” tests (e.g. 3rd party script removal) to troubleshoot.
  • Understand not only your own site’s performance, but benchmark it against the performance of competitors’ sites.

APMs & VoC

Give context to VoC feedback

Analyze and quantify issues identified in Voice of Customer (VOC) systems. Compare the behavior of visitors that rated experiences highly or poorly side-by-side.

Session Replay

From replay to business quantification in one click

Use Session Replay to quickly understand the steps leading up to any struggle spots.

  • Experience what your users experience.
  • Pinpoint errors as they unfold in the replaying stream and show your technical team how it’s happening, visually.
  • Quantify the amount of people impacted by issues seen from just one replay and calculate the associated loss.

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