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Understand the why and build better digital experiences

Reveal the how and the why users behave the way they do. Gain deep insight on how users interact with your site with just one tag. Measure interactions and hesitations, attribute revenue, compare journeys and segments, instantly share visual reports, enable any employee to see the metrics directly on your site, boost conversions and improve engagement. An unparalleled number of integrations enables the complete view of the user journey, optimization for custom user segments and granular A/B testing metrics.

CS Digital Benefits

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    Deep customer understanding

    Granular level insights deliver a full picture of your customer

  • Revenue growth

    Identify new opportunities, grow your business

  • Fast time to market

    One tag, infinite & retroactive information

Journey Analysis

Pinpoint opportunities and issues at a glance

Visualize your customer journeys page by page and quickly identify anomalies.

  • Get deeper insights by comparing different pages and their versions, segments and metrics side-by-side or watch specific session replays to pinpoint what happened.
  • Check reverse journeys to optimize experiences and fix issues or shortcut to Zone-based Heatmaps or Session Replay to investigate further.

Zone-Based Heatmaps

Visualize metrics for each page element

See the performance of each page element in an instant with Zone-based Heatmaps.

  • Compare clicks, hesitations, scrolls and attributed revenue across elements on the same page or contrast different pages, page versions or visitor segments side-by-side to reveal opportunities for optimization.
  • Enable your team to explore live metrics themselves using a browser plug-in that overlays the website to get buy-in and act quickly.

Form Analysis

Stop losing conversions where it matters the most

Users abandoning registration or checkout cause a direct loss of revenue. Monitor and fix on-site forms that cause friction and frustration, such as repeated attempts, fields left blank, and the last fields before abandonment. Ensure great experiences and get customers to return.

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CS Find & Fix

Find it. Fix it. Love it.

CS Find & Fix allows you to quickly locate errors and user frustrations. From session replays to page speed analysis, learn what makes your users return or leave your website.

Spot errors more quickly that impact your business
Identify pain points in the customer journey
2d icon of a light bulb lit up Connect web performance and business metrics
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Primarily CS Digital tracks clicks (including multiples), impressions, hovers, scrolling, time in between activity, zone visibility and exposure time, and purchases (including revenue). Digital also calculates derived metrics and conversion rates to make it easy to compare sections and draw insights.

  • CS Digital enables unparalleled understanding of your users. It’s enabled by granular site mapping and behavior tracking as well as: - Comparing journeys and heatmaps side-by-side to pinpoint errors, optimal paths to successful conversion, and A/B testing. - Segments (including retroactively) based on interaction on the site or segments imported from your web analytics software or other integrated solutions, allowing you to drill into audiences you care about the most as well as compare different audiences and their behaviors. - Session replays that show specific user experiences uncovering opportunities and issues (i.e. page looping).

  • CS Digital integrates with a wide array of tools used to track customer experience and performance across your digital footprint, such as web analytics, voice of the customer software, business intelligence, call center, CRM, email marketing, and personalization software.

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