Contentsquare provides leading digital experience analytics capabilities that power our product and enables businesses to understand customer intent, feelings and behavior and how to translate this understanding into business- redefining action -- doing so securely, intelligently and with the highest level of privacy.


Compare your experience metrics against industry peers

With Benchmarks, companies can understand at a glance how their user experience stacks up against the competition and execute a differentiated strategy. It enables teams to make timely and data-driven decisions and become an industry champion, they can leverage trustworthy insights and richer context with Benchmarks. With more than 160 billion page views and trillions of behaviors analyzed, Contentsquare is uniquely positioned to provide user experience insights.

Customer Journey Analysis

Turn a complete understanding of the customer journey Into action

Visualize how customers progress through your site, page by page, from entry to exit.  Understand behaviors, feelings and intent each step of the way and turn those insights into action.

Zone-Based Heatmaps

Visualize how users interact with each element on your site

Visualize how visitors interact with each element on a web or mobile page. Combine unique metrics to tell a story about how your content, navigation and merchandising helps or hinders your customers from achieving their site goals.

Impact Quantification

Prioritize issues based on frequency and impact on revenue

Prioritize which issues to focus on by quantifying the business impact, from conversion rates to revenue impact, of customer struggle, site performance, and experience on any page — all without the need for constant tagging.

Session Replay

Capture and replay every web and mobile customer journey

Reconstruct an individual visitor session on your website or mobile app. Use this in combination with macro-level insights to quickly understand why a certain observed metric is happening or to confirm a specific hypothesis.  Understand behavior and quantify impact contextually in the replay.  Share these replays and insights with stakeholders to help speed changes and investments.

Form Analysis

Measure and optimize user interaction with forms on your site

Understand  how users interact with your web forms by automatically capturing every click, scroll and hover on your form fields.  Detect frustrations by analyzing where your users struggle or drop off to easily boost form conversions.

APIs & Integrations

Make your entire martech stack faster and smarter

Use our pre-built integrations and APIs to integrate with your web analytics, Voice of Customer, and application performance monitoring systems, as well as personalization engines. Use APIs to configure the user experience and workflows to tailor-fit your teams and scale smarter digital experiences.

What is a User Behaviour Analytics Tools?

  • User Behaviour Analytics Tools provide businesses with deep insights into how users interact with their digital platforms. By understanding user behavior, businesses can identify areas of improvement, optimize website design, personalize user experiences, and ultimately increase conversions and customer satisfaction.