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User frustration affects one-third of visitor sessions, but sites with high customer engagement drive 19% higher conversion rates. Measure what matters most to your users and optimize customer satisfaction to drive growth.

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The digital landscape saw a mix of results in 2022, with traffic showing an upward trend of 5%, while user conversions experienced a slight dip of 3%. The key to CX success? Understanding the customer journey. The 2023 Digital Experience Benchmark explores the entire user experience to help you optimize experiences, convert customers and fuel growth. 

More, yet shorter sessions, fuel consumption concerns

We observed a decline in consumption characterized by shorter visits and decreased user engagement metrics such as average time spent on website, fewer page views, and shallower scroll rates.

Could this signal the onset of a consumption crisis?

User frustration is a reality across the journey

Over a third of sessions result in frustration for visitors, with slow-loading pages being the primary source of friction and having the most significant negative impact.

Maximize revenue through active user engagement

High levels of customer engagement result in 1.7 times more page views and a 19% increase in conversion rates compared to those with low engagement.

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