CX Circle 2020 on demand

Relive the magic of the only event that explored how your brand can build a digital customer experience that doesn't stop at convenience, but one that makes your consumers smile.

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Breakout Sessions  

Leading brands cover topics ranging from social responsibility and inclusivity to chasing personal and professional happiness as a women in eCommerce.

Sessions Include | Women in eCommerce: In the Pursuit of Happiness, Innovators Who Made the Impossible Possible in 2020, A New Era of Social Responsibility & Inclusivity & New Year, New Challenges: How to Plan your 2021 Digital Strategy. 

Defining Digital Happiness

Take a closer look at our new Digital Happiness Pulse report and learn how you can prioritize customer happiness on all your digital properties.

Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer  

TED Talks: Digital Happiness in Action

Short, 5-minute sessions where industry leaders breakdown the five pillars of Digital Happiness and share what it truly means to have a digital experience that is Engaged, Sticky, Intuitive, Flawless, and Empowered.

Keynote: The King Just Wants to Have Fun

Burger King has managed to build a reputation as a fun, bold, courageous, and innovative brand. Fernando Machado shares how to develop work that engages customers, creates value for both the brand and the business, and truly stands out.

Fernando Machado, Global CMO 

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