Nicole Fulmer is one of the Magical Office Managers (MOMs) here at Contentsquare. She joined happily in March of 2022. She has a background in hospitality, fashion and the art industries, which she says was an advantage as she interviewed, because the company values people that come from unique backgrounds. 

As a MOM, she is here to give people a reason to want to come into the office every day. She does that by putting effort into making the atmosphere fun and welcoming with different events and decorations. Most recently for example, Nicole threw a Cinco de Mayo lunch party, with an amazing mariachi band and taco bar. Nicole throws events like this to give normal days a reason to celebrate.

What is the NYC office like? How would you describe it?

We just opened our brand new permanent office and headquarters in Tribeca in October of 2021, so not too long ago. We have the top four floors of the office building, situated on Beach street in Tribeca. Right now, the four floors feel big, because they are not yet full of all our NYC-based employees, since we are still getting over the hump of the pandemic. But, there’s a lot of promise because people are trickling in more and more every day.

The interior of the office is sunny and colorful, with lots of healthy plants. I would say there’s a very relaxed atmosphere. The employees don’t feel pressure that they must come in and must be glued to their desks 9-5 everyday. Contentsquare values getting the work done rather than maintaining the appearance that we are all working as hard as we can all of the time. When people come in they are as involved as they need to be as long as they’re getting their work done. It’s not uncommon to see someone taking a break at the lounge chairs on the penthouse deck, or at one of the couch areas on each floor.

Not only is the office relaxed and calm, but it also has a super global feeling. If you walked through all the floors from bottom to top, you would hear at least 4 different languages spoken- there’s always someone here from Paris, Tel Aviv, the Dominican Republic, or anywhere else in the world, really.

What are the perks of this office? Anything up and coming and in the works?

We offer some regular food perks each week- one breakfast on Tuesdays and one lunch on Thursdays, and the office is chock full of coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit- and some more fun junk food snacks like cookies, chocolate, and chips. We also have one surprise meal/ treat per week.

Outside of the food, our local culture crew curates an event at least twice per month with the aim of solidifying the culture of the company between people. A typical event could be a movie party, museum outing, a happy-hour at a bar, or an onsite event like game night in the penthouse. The penthouse itself is such a huge perk in my opinion, it has a fully stocked bar and floor to ceiling windows that bring in so much light.

What’s the vibe of the people, the flow of attendance throughout the week? Which teams come in the most?

I would have to say that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the busiest days because there’s food- Contentsquare definitely has a bunch of foodies! Everyone loves to sit down and connect over those shared meals.

The teams that seem to always be here are Legal and Sales Development, and an array of different executives come in regularly since our CEO Jon is based here. I would say that the vibe of the people is just awesome: everyone is friendly, open, and super approachable. People dress comfortably, expressing themselves in the clothes that they want. Some people still choose to wear masks even though they are not required, which is totally fine. Everyone’s comfort levels are respected.

You spend the most time of anyone in the NYC office- what do you love about it?

One of my favorite aspects of the office overall has to be the 7th floor penthouse. Every time I go up there people are on the couch, doing their thing, or sitting outside and getting some sun. I also really love the neighborhood/ location: Tribeca is a very special and historical place with lots of cobblestone streets, old buildings juxtaposed with modern skyscrapers. Honestly, it’s like having a second home- I love to see people and have a place where I belong. The personal touch and interaction of being in an office is so important and I couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Relocation benefits at Contentsquare

As a global company, Contentsquare is accustomed to hiring employees that are based in countries all over the world. To help employees who relocate settle into their new homes, we have a variety of relocation benefits before, during and after their move. They include:

  • Financial assistance for furniture removal or purchase, 
  • Flights, accommodations and transportation during relocation
  • Real estate agency fees
  • Temporary accommodation for up to one month while the employee finds a permanent home
  • Visa costs