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Preparing for Peak

How to Pull Your Team Together During Peak Trading

Chioma Anokuru
August 20, 2020
Read Time: 1min


We always love chatting with Chioma. Here’s what’s covered in this video:

  • How businesses usually execute a trading plan in silos between their marketing, ecomm/trading and tech teams (1:10)
  • How Chioma proposes we bring those teams together together into a cross-functional trading team (3:30)
  • The sexy dynamic trading loop to track, measure and report your plan (6:05)
  • Q&A with Chioma (8:37)

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Chioma Anokuru

I spent 11 years at ASOS building and heading up their digital commerce team. I’m now an account director at Wunderman Thompson Commerce helping big brands define and deliver their ecommerce goals.

I love hot water, the hotter the better. Sometimes when I wash my hands I’ll let the water run to point of scolding before removing them  because I love the sensation (I sound so weird!)