Driving £2.1m additional ARR from three tests

Hear how Clarks drove millions of pound of extra revenue by noticing unusual visitor behaviour in Contentsquare.


Clarks, is a British-based, international shoe manufacturer and retailer.

When Clarks moved to a new platform, one of their key changes was the design and layout of their new site. When they analysed how their visitors were flowing through this new site using the Customer Journey Analysis module, they noticed a drop off of visitors adding to basket on the product details pages.

Contentsquare’s unique UX analytics metrics are invaluable for drilling into page-specific behaviours and allowing us to surface actionable insight. Contentsquare allows us to achieve analysis at scale and we’re now able to validate and prioritise tests, and pick the tests that are going to do the most good rather than the ones we think will make the most impact”

Craig Harris

Head of Performance Analytics


Clarks then drilled down to the page level in Zone-based Heatmaps and, using the Click Rate metric, they were able to see that more visitors were interacting with the Size and Add to Cart buttons than the Width selector — a required step in order to Add to Bag.


After seeing this behaviour, they made a change to pre-select widths where only one width-fit is available. This massively increased the Add to Bag rate, driving an ARR of around £900k just from this one insight.

Following that success, they tested pre-selecting the standard width on products with multiple fits, but that showed a negative effect, so they were able to quickly reverse this.

“The biggest resource benefit to me of Contentsquare is time. To get that level of insight and to drive that many beneficial tests we’d really need another 3 full time members of staff but by using Contentsquare we can drive insights across the whole digital team.”

Craig Harris

Head of Performance Analytics

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