Use Case

Boosting mobile checkout conversion

Checkout is an essential step in the customer journey. Especially on mobile where the average conversion rate is only 1.72%! Find out how you can optimize your checkout to increase your sales, with analyses from the Contentsquare Experience Analytics platform.


Let’s have a look at Nature & Découvertes. The French retailer is now focusing on eCommerce, since
11% of its turnover is generated by its website

To improve its users’ online experience, the brand carried out a complete redesign of the website. Initially, the redesign focused on the account creation step and then on the mobile checkout tunnel. Here is what was brought out:


Once the account creation stage was optimized and having
59% of its traffic on mobile, Nature & Découvertes naturally decided to focus on the performance of the mobile acquisition tunnel. An analysis of the tunnel using Contentsquare’s Customer Journey module revealed three findings:

  • a drop-off in sessions, 45% of which were between the login and contact details stages
  • 21% of users leave the site once they reach the checkout
  • 12.8% of them return to the product pages

After identifying sources of frustration using the Zoning Analysis module, the teams were able to identify areas for improvement:

  • changes to the style of a non-clickable element which had a high recurrence of clicks
  • reduction in the time it takes to remove an item from the shopping cart following a high number of clicks


+4.93% increase in click-through rate

+€2,669 increase in monthly revenue

The click rate on the non-clickable element fell from 1.36% to 0.54%. The click-through rate of users who had deleted an article increased by 4.93%, generating an
estimated additional monthly revenue of €2,669!

“Contentsquare’s support ensured a personally and professionally enriching analysis.
The complementary nature of the modules profoundly convinced us that we need to follow the data. The platform offers the possibility of conducting daily analyses and continuous optimization, as well as specific projects such as our redesign.”

Stéphanie de Bayser

Head of Digital Projects and UX
Nature & Découvertes