A podcast about digital experience told through the lens of data, personal experience, and the times we live in. U and I features special guest speakers on their professional careers and experiences. We will be talking to digital experts, digital natives, and everything in between.


Episode 6: Chatting with CEOs, from startup to acquisition

Ever wondered what it was like to build a successful company from the ground up? Us too! We sat down with a couple of our newest colleagues to chat about their journey into the start-up world and what it took to make it work. From the early days to the biggest challenges, we find out what brought them here.


Episode 5: Covid by Country: A look at how people are the world are handling quarantine  Since the pandemic began, we've all been embracing our "new normal". But, some countries are further ahead than others on their path to normalcy. We spoke to people in France, the U.K., the US, Israel, and Australia to see how they're faring in quarantine

Episode 4: How crisis Breed Innovation Maintaining a meaningful digital connection with customers has never been more important. Consumers are increasingly relying on digital to carry out day-to-day activities, and of course, brands need to meet them on their preferred channels. We sat down with Jesse Channon, the Chief Growth Officer of Columbia Care, and Jamie Grimstad, the founder and CEO of Favour Gum to discuss how they are tackling this new challenge. How have they managed the switch to digital, and what has it meant to adapt their services to the unique needs of their audience? We'll find out.


Episode 3: Love in the time of Coronavirus

Relationships can be tough. Let's just add a global pandemic to the mix and see what happens. Whether they're cooped up with their loved ones or only communicating digitally... how are people holding up? We thought we'd ask.

Episode 2: Pandemic Priorities and the New Necessities

Now that we’ve settled into stay-at-home as the new normal, we will take a look at what that means for a few key industries. Also, where do people turn to shop digitally when they are all stocked up on toilet paper? Hello home improvement, how you doin?

Episode 1: Impact of Coronavirus on eCommerce: Settling into Quarantine

With hundreds of millions of people stuck at home, our lifestyles are forced to shift. Utilizing a new home office, grocery shopping, working out, and taking care of the kids are all on our collective minds as we settle into staying in for the foreseeable future. In this episode, we see how that shift has impacted the way consumers are employing the digital world at their fingertips.