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Better digital experiences for those you serve

Nothing is more important in the public sector than getting users what they need. More and more in the digital world, this is becoming harder for most public sector organizations in their pursuit to understand the behaviors, feelings and intent of their users. With Contentsquare for the Public Sector, state and local governments, education institutions and non-profit organizations can put digital experiences at the center of their strategy.

Build digital journeys that lead to happier users

Understand how users navigate through your application and document completion pages, such as which pages lead to increased applications and where users struggle to complete. Monitor the experience to detect and eradicate frustrations, maximizing your potential to turn visitors into happy users. Understand the quality of the user flows and what’s working and what’s not.

Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for

Understand how users are navigating the self-service experience and responding to the workflow you have set up with the information you are providing.

  • Dig into what’s working, what’s not and reasons for abandonment all together.
  • See if users are abandoning in favor of higher cost channels, such as call centers and physical sites.
  • Marry these insights to customer feedback and deliver better self-service experiences.

Find out what content works and which content doesn’t

Drill into how users interact with content, whether that be content on the home page, resource pages, answers to frequently asked questions and tips and tools.

  • Monitor their form attractiveness, clicks and conversion – and use that information to optimize content placement and give users the content they are looking for to answer questions.
  • Orchestrate better, higher completion digital journeys.
Case Study

How one change boosted Black Friday revenue by +18%

Learn how the team at Dreams was able to use Contentsquare’s Zone-based Heatmaps and Live Zoning features to monitor the performance of their landing pages day-to-day and spot any issues.

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What Contentsquare gives us is the flexibility to understand what our customers are doing now, and how we can make changes that will help their customer journey."

Octavia Benham

Online Trading Manager

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