Visual Merchandising Analytics for Merchandising Teams

Improve your visitors’ digital buying experience and drive revenue by pushing them the right product, in the right place, at the right price.

Finally answer the questions your team cares most about

  • How do on-site campaigns contribute to engagement and sales?

  • How do shoppers want to browse products and categories?

  • Which placements on my site are driving revenue?

  • How are my competitors’ prices affecting conversion?

Optimize content performance for product sales

Understand how content elements contribute to sales on your website. Make the most of your website “real estate” by pushing the best-performing content and products in your banners and cross-sells.

Get a 360 view of product performance

See all factors that impact your product and category performance in the same place, such as position, price, cross-sell, review and more with marketing data analytics. Get automatic insights on which products and categories you should work on as a priority and align everyone on shared KPI’s.

Deliver the right price, to the right person, at the right time

Pick the right pricing strategy by analyzing the actual impact of your price and your competitor’s price on your sales, and get alerts every time your pricing on a product is off compared to competitors — so you can act fast.

Before Contentsquare, we were working in the dark. It was very difficult to see if people were reading articles we write, if people were interacting with those articles, whether or not they were buying products from those articles. As soon as I've mapped and zoned a page, as soon as I've put the details into our dashboard, it all comes to life. Then I have the ability to make changes I need to increase conversion, increase revenue.

Carla Martini

Head of Content & Publishing

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