Contentsquare for Fashion

Contentsquare gives global fashion brands everything they need to achieve their digital marketing and revenue goals by tailoring unique experiences that fit their customers’ expectations.

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Improve site performance on mobile and app

Traffic has shifted to mobile, but conversion rates are lower. Build digital journeys that help mobile users achieve their goals quickly and painlessly.

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Build your in-store experience online

Drive engagement and brand loyalty. Use behavioral insight to tailor the visitor experience and build a human relationship with your customers.

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Optimize the checkout

Improve conversion, upsell and cross-sell by finding leaks, reducing steps and removing friction.

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Enhance product findability and search

See how converting users navigate your site. Improve categorization, search results pages filters, and menu navigation. Increase product page views and add-to-cart ratio.

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Get more value from the same traffic

Spend less on acquisition by improving your website's power to convert. Use digital to drive more visitors from online to retail locations.

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Empower the entire digital team

Our unique data visualization turns non-analysts into UX experts, allowing everyone on the team to measure the impact of their digital actions. Our acceleration training program gives you value from day one.

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AI-driven Alerts

Our uniquely clear metrics will turn even non-data analysts into digital experience experts. Pick your team and see what Contentsquare can do for you.

By tracking every interaction, CS provides us with valuable KPIs: hesitation, friction, and engagement. This data is a tremendous source of insight which empowers our teams to fine-tune our segments and prioritize a change in optimization to roll out.

Lesueur-Neidhardt International E-Commerce and Media Director

In 2017 we’ll see an increase in ARR of around £900k just from this one insight, so it’s a huge win for us which we’d have never been able to easily see if it wasn’t for Contentsquare.

Craig Harris, Data & Analytics Manager, Clarks

By simplifying and improving the form, we achieved 48% more conversions. That's huge!

Anne-Laure Daniel, Marketing Manager France, Gazprom Energy