Contentsquare for Cosmetics

As more and more consumers turn to digital to refill standing orders for personal care items and stock up on everyday luxuries, cosmetics retailers are reinventing their brand experience for a digital audience.

While a majority of consumers browse for cosmetics on their smartphone (58% of industry traffic on mobile versus 34% on desktop), the conversion rate for desktop (3.5%) is more than double that of mobile (1.4%), showing many visitors favor mobile devices for window shopping, but will switch to desktop to convert.

Contentsquare provides beauty brands with everything they need to understand their customers' behavior and optimize the digital experience accordingly.

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Wondering why sales of makeup and perfume gift sets are falling short of targets?

In-store customers have clerks to help them find the perfect gift. But how do you replicate that online? Easy - think of your UX as your digital salesperson. Contentsquare takes the guesswork out of decision-making, and helps you understand content ROI at a granular level. Visualize gift buying journeys, and see which individual elements of content encourage or stall engagement. Measure performance of filters and improve findability.

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Want to know the ROI of that inspirational makeup tutorial on your homepage?

Contentsquare allows you to understand the performance of inspirational content for each campaign. For example, how many people who viewed the video ended up interacting with the store locator? Measure the impact of videos and images on your site traffic, so you can invest your creative resources efficiently. Eliminate expensive creative content that is not seen and under-performs. We also give you the ability to go back in time so you can continue learning from past campaigns.

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Looking to find out why a specific beauty influencer campaign on Instagram is not generating the expected revenue?

Contentsquare helps you measure which landing pages perform best for social and PPC channels, so you can reprioritize your digital marketing spend accordingly. Use behavioral insights to build journeys that help mobile and app users achieve their goals quickly and painlessly, and see at a glance which content causes mobile users to bounce and which takes the visitor deeper down the funnel.

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Want to understand what is causing a low add-to-cart ratio on your app?

Drill down into user behavior for a clear, data-backed understanding of obstacles to conversion. For example, see which in-page elements deter users from completing their purchase — whether that's making color filters more visible or removing unnecessary steps to checkout. Contentsquare for Apps helps you remove friction along the buyer journey, and streamline the digital experience for increased engagement and improved conversion rates.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could show creative, branding and even executive teams the impact of a new product banner or seasonal campaign in just one click?

You can. Our unique CS Live browser extension displays metrics onto your site as you browse without needing to log into a dashboard. See revenue attribution and attractiveness and engagement metrics for each and every element of content across all your digital platforms. No more trawling through reports — simply activate the plugin for an immediate visualization of your most profitable content.

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How do you create experiences that speak to both digital shoppers and customers who prefer to complete purchases offline?

Easily predict which consumers are on your site seeking inspiration, and which users are there to make a purchase. Dig deep into the nuances of digital interaction to find out not just how customers behave, but why they behave the way they do. Leverage these insights to fine-tune customer segments, build satisfying experiences, and drive more visitors from online to retail locations.

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AI-driven Alerts

Our uniquely clear metrics will turn even non-data analysts into digital experience experts. Pick your team and see what Contentsquare can do for you.

By tracking every interaction, CS provides us with valuable KPIs: hesitation, friction, and engagement. This data is a tremendous source of insight which empowers our teams to fine-tune our segments and prioritize a change in optimization to roll out.

Lesueur-Neidhardt International E-Commerce and Media Director

In 2017 we’ll see an increase in ARR of around £900k just from this one insight, so it’s a huge win for us which we’d have never been able to easily see if it wasn’t for Contentsquare.

Craig Harris, Data & Analytics Manager, Clarks

Contentsquare will make you feel like a natural woman.

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