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Contentsquare for Insurance

Learn how insurance companies use Contentsquare to create better CX for customer acquisition and retention.

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Digital Experience Analytics for B2B

Learn how and why B2B companies use DXA to increase conversions, revenue and ROI.

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Contentsquare for Monetate

Power up customer intent-driven experiences by combining Contentsquare’s unique behavioral insights with Monetate’s comprehensive experimentation and personalization solutions.

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Contentsquare Overall One Pager

See the general one-pager from Contentsquare, explaining how we help brands excel at optimizing their digital experience with our unique set of metrics and user behavior data. Our unique UX analytics platform grants you the ability to foster insight-driven innovation and create the best experiences for your users and customers. We transform trillions of digital […]

AB tasty

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Contentsquare for AB Tasty

Combine your A/B testing platform with Contentsquare for UX design and optimizations. Our integration with AB Tasty enables all digital team to get advanced user behavior analytics in conjunction with A/B tests. Optimize your digital experiences with our data-rich software. See how with our one-pager.


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Contentsquare for Adobe Target

Get better and faster results by integrating Adobe Target with Contentsquare, a next-gen user behavior insights platform. With the power of Adobe Target’s A/B and multivariate testing and Contentsquare’s highly visual UX analytics suite, you’ll bee making the most informed optimizations. Read our one-pager to see how.  


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Contentsquare for Google Analytics

Read about the Contentsquare integration with Google Analytics and start optimizing your website, mobile site and app with data-based insights. With our integration, you can add a layer of behavioral understanding to each of your Google Analytics segments. Tailor your digital experiences precisely to your audience with our rich suite of behavior data.


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Contentsquare for Adobe Analytics

Discover the Contentsquare integration with Adobe Analytics to understand each customer journey. See how you can get actionable insights from each Adobe segment.  With this integration, you can forge the most profitable UX optimizations on your website, app and mobile in tandem with your Adobe Analytics segments.