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Contentsquare Overall One Pager

See the general one-pager from Contentsquare, explaining how we help brands excel at optimizing their digital experience with our unique set of metrics and user behavior data. Our unique UX analytics platform grants you the ability to foster insight-driven innovation and create the best experiences for your users and customers. We transform trillions of digital […]

One Pagers

Contentsquare for Apps

Get an exhaustive understanding of your mobile app experience, with Contentsquare for Apps. The one-pager details how this feature works, highlighting its segmentation and automatic interaction event detection capabilities. Additionally, see how granular this can get with its capture of mobile-unique gestures.

Use Case Set

Augmenting Merchandising, Placement & Findability through Granular UX Analytics

Merchandising, placement and findability are invaluable pieces in the puzzle of your customers’ digital experience. Learn how four of our clients used behavioral analytics to improve their online merchandising for better placement and findability, including how optimizing these areas led to quantifiable results.


Pure Players vs. Click-And-Mortars – Lessons From Digitally Native Brands And Traditional Retailers (2019)

Consumers’ omnichannel preferences have encouraged digitally native brands (pure players) to invest in physical iterations of their brand experience — ie exist as click and mortar brands — and the age of on-demand convenience has pushed stores to reinvent themselves online. In this report, we’ll be looking at the strengths and challenges of either model, […]

Use Case Set

AB Testing for Improved Conversions and Direct to Customer Sales

AB tests can help resolve a variety of issues running rampant on your website and help you drive better results, but with only 1 in 7 tests generating any uplift, bringing focus to your strategy is key. Discover how AB testing informed by digital experience insights helped brands set strategic priorities around unique customer KPIs […]

Use Case Set

Integrating VoC With Experience Analytics: Contextualizing Customer Feedback And Quantifying Its Impact

Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions enable brands to understand what customers think and feel about their digital experience. But how do you quantify negative feedback and turn negative customer reviews into actionable insights? Digital teams will miss a critical part of the customer experience with VoC alone. See our four use cases on how […]

Use Case Set

Maximizing Acquisition Spend and Campaign ROI With Customer-Centric Experiences

The acquisition of new leads and the generation of sales ROI begins at the top of the sales funnel. But with customer acquisition costs skyrocketing, it’s difficult to achieve a strong ROI from your inbound marketing campaigns. Maximizing the effectiveness of your paid traffic acquisition strategy is crucial. Learn how brands leveraged customer behavior insights […]

Use Case Set

Improving Content Strategy And Customer Engagement With Behavioral Insights

The goal of content strategy is to produce content that engages site visitors and adds value to each stage of the customer journey. Maximizing ROI from digital content and improving underperforming content is every digital team’s objective — from creative to merchandising. Learn how to optimize your content strategy with behavioral analytics from our four […]