Digital Accessibility

Create accessible and inclusive digital experiences for everyone

Contentsquare empowers brands to create seamless, inspiring, and rewarding experiences—for everyone. We help you go beyond simply adhering to regulation by providing unique behavioral insights into accessibility audiences, enabling you to build truly inclusive digital experiences.

Understand the online behavior of users with accessibility needs

Leverage unique behavioral insights to better understand the online behavior of specific customer segments with accessibility needs. 

  • Contentsquare empowers brands to design inclusive solutions that answer their customers’ accessibility needs, pains, and desires. 
  • Reach your full potential on customer experience and revenue optimization by understanding your entire customer base.

An insightful guide to creating better user experiences for all

The Digital Accessibility Handbook

Our digital accessibility handbook will:

  • Teach you about impairments that affect people’s ability to use the web
  • Provide actionable insights about creating better user experiences for all
  • Give you a handy checklist to ensure accessibility on your own website

Contentsquare is your partner for digital accessibility

  • Comply with legal requirements

    There are more than 40 digital accessibility laws around the world. Avoid the risk of legal complaints by meeting 75 WCAG criteria.

  • Reach new audiences

    15% of the global population has an impairment affecting their ability to read the web. 82% of users with disabilities say they would spend more time on websites if they were more accessible.

  • Drive greater brand equity

    92% of consumers are more likely to support a business that is physically and digitally accessible. Improving digital accessibility will create a better experience for all users regardless of their disability.

Frequently asked questions

  • Digital accessibility means ensuring that the web is accessible by everyone, regardless of disability.

  • a11y is an abbreviation of the word “accessibility” (as in, "a", then 11 characters, and then "y").

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