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Optimize your app experience

CS Apps provides the capabilities to go beyond bug-fixing and create a truly differentiated app experience, giving you powerful mobile analytics and intuitive visualizations that let your whole team identify, prioritize, and resolve user frustration faster.

CS Apps Benefits

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    Deep customer understanding

    Granular level insights deliver a full picture of your mobile customer

  • Revenue growth

    Identify new opportunities, grow your business

  • Fast time to market

    A lightweight SDK, easy to get started

Zone-Based Heatmaps

Discover how and why users engage

CS Apps goes beyond the touch & tap of traditional mobile analytics solutions. Zone-based heat mapping, journey analysis, and mobile session replay give you the ability to get fast insight into user behavior, and how it impacts your app goals.

Impact Quantification

Prioritize your biggest opportunities

Quantify the impact of user actions to understand what’s truly affecting your KPIs and determine what to include in your next sprint. Mobile customer journey analysis reveals how users move through your app to surface hidden friction in your key in-app journeys.

Integrations & APIs

Easy implementation, low impact

Our lightweight SDK collects interaction data automatically with no need for event tags. Simply define your screens (or import them from Firebase), add the SDK and start collecting data. Rigorously tested, app-store compliant, and with minimal impact on performance. Available for Native iOS + Android, React Native and Flutter.

Discover our other products

CS Digital

Understand the why and build better digital experiences

Contentsquare captures customers' journey automatically, allowing you to decide what to analyze and quantify without tagging. CS Digital is your starting point with Contentsquare and your foundation for building better customer experiences.

Pinpoint opportunities and issues at a glance
Visualize metrics for each page element
Stop losing conversions where it matters the most
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