Zone-based Heatmaps

Visualize how visitors interact with each element on your site. Combine unique metrics to tell a story about how your content, navigation and merchandising helps or hinders your customers from achieving their site goals.

Experience & Revenue Attribution

See an aggregated view revealing in-page behaviors such as clicks, hesitations and scrolls. Quickly see the revenue or conversions each element on your pages is delivering for your business.

Side-by-side Comparison

Create the best version of your website by for example understanding which of the latest A/B tests performed better and why. Analyze the performance of your key campaigns and testing variations to understand what elements bring a higher ROI, and take actions based on your visitors’ preferences.

See Experience Metrics with One Click

Power up your website heatmap with our browser plug-in. Your whole team can view live metrics overlaid on your web page to understand how visitors interact with a specific section or zone of a webpage without ever leaving their browser.

With Zone-based Heatmaps, everyone can understand the impact of in-page behaviors

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    Understand the 'why' of visitor behavior

    Discover not just what visitors do on-site, but why. Compare key customer segments to see how site elements affect behaviour and conversion.

  • Answer experience questions fast

    Get the data you need to answer optimisation questions in seconds. One lightweight tag captures every interaction on every page, so you can analyse instantly with no need to re-tag your site.

  • Optimize your experience at scale

    Understand the behavior of the audience segments that matter most. Base site changes on real interaction data, so you can tailor experiences to the intent of your most valuable customers.

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    Boost site performance

    Drive more conversion and revenue from the same traffic by knowing where to place content, product and UX elements within pages and journeys. Identify which A/B tests are most important and compare results across tests and time.

In their own words

“What’s great about Contentsquare is that the insights are visual and extremely easy to digest. It’s particularly helpful to be able to give the creative or leadership team a clear picture of pain points and successes — it helps secure immediate buy-in and significantly reduces time to action, meaning we don’t miss out on potential sales.”

Lisa Skowrup

Senior Manager, Site Experience
The North Face

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