Session Replay

Session Replay reconstructs an individual visitor session on your website. Use this in combination with macro-level insights to quickly troubleshoot why a certain observed metric is happening or to confirm a specific hypothesis. Share these experience replays with stakeholders to help speed changes and investments.

100% Capture

Record up to 100% of traffic to make sure you don’t miss valuable insights, particularly as visitors progress down the buying journey.

Event-Triggered Recordings

Focus your data capture on a specific behavior that's meaningful to your business and results such as completion of a customer feedback form.

JS Errors

Identify the top recurring JavaScript errors ranked by how much they impacted conversion. Then shortcut directly to the session that caused it to identify the cause.

With Session Replay, you can see the customer experience

  • Confirm a metric-driven hypothesis

  • Identify and resolve visitor frustration faster

  • Evangelize change and investments in digital experience

In their own words

"Modern digital experiences are hugely complex. To be able to know exactly what’s going on everywhere is very tough. You need the data to show you where to look, and then when you’ve zoned in on that area, then the right tools to give you a microscropic view."

Giles Richardson

VP Digital Journeys
T Mobile

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