Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Our world-class cloud computing infrastructure leverages the power of the cloud to deliver seamless performance for your digital business. Benefit from the safety and security of enterprise-level technology, managed entirely by Contentsquare, with the capability to handle high volumes of traffic with zero downtime.

  • Secure

    Contentsquare places the highest priority on security, ensuring that not only our infrastructure is protected, but that our customers’ data is always protected too. Our platform is both ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant and ensures data privacy by making sure no PII is collected or stored.

  • Scalable & Reliable

    Contentsquare is built on a cloud computing infrastructure that provides elasticity upon demand, even during peak holiday traffic, and grows as your business grows -- all with zero downtime so you can have peace of mind and focus on running your business. Over 600+ enterprise customers across thousands of sites and across 25 countries trust their business to Contentsquare

  • Innovative & Open

    We deploy new features continuously through the cloud, which you can take advantage of to continuously drive innovation and empowerment for your teams. Our flexible and open architecture, particularly our APIs, allow you to easily extend Contentsquare capabilities to meet your needs and integrate with web and third party applications to deliver innovative, more intelligent experiences.

  • 600+ customers

  • world

    25 countries

  • 13,000 sites

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