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    The most complete foundation for a digital experience analytics practice.

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    Plug in and go. Intuitive for business users yet flexible enough for more technical audiences to configure and integrate with other systems.

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    Benefit from the safety and security of enterprise-level cloud technology managed by Contentsquare. Handle high and unpredictable volumes of traffic with zero downtime.


Contentsquare's flagship product provides all the capabilities digital teams need to understand the how and why of visitor behavior across their website. Contentsquare Digital empowers you to improve customer journeys, increase conversions, and hike productivity. Digital is the foundation of the Contentsquare Experience Analytics Platform.


Contentsquare Apps delivers comprehensive insight into your native app mobile experiences. It provides what you need to know to improve customer journeys across all mobile touchpoints. Apps optimizes Contentsquare Experience Analytics Platform capabilities.


Contentsquare Merchandising helps merchandisers decide which products to promote on their website, and where and how to promote them to optimize online sales performance. Merchandising brings together insights about navigation, content, product catalog, and pricing on customer behavior, all in one place. Merchandising deepens for this role the capabilities of the Contentsquare Experience Analytics platform.


Contentsquare Insights delivers key metrics and actionable recommendations that matter most to each team, whether digital marketing, ecommerce,  IT and operations, or UX and design. Empower every team members with relevant insights and a common language for customer behavior to drive better alignment, faster decisions and better outcomes.


Contentsquare Find & Fix enables both business and technical teams to surface the technical root causes impacting customer experiences, such as JS and API errors, slow performance, and any kind of error messages that are visible to site visitors. Quantify the impact on revenue and other key metrics and prioritize fixes effectively.