Merchandising Analysis

Understand which products to promote on your website and how to optimize online sales performance, by combining customer journey insights, granular data on your product catalog, and your competitors’ pricing. All in the same place.

Product, category & brand performance

Access your full product catalog with selected KPIs displayed inline and see which products were typically purchased together so you can improve cross-sell promotions. Get the same analysis for your categories and individual brands, along with average metrics for each.

Competitive pricing analysis

See how your product prices compare to your competitors’, and how theirs have impacted your sales. Set up alerts to notify you of changes to key products.

Product sales attribution based on placement

Attribute product sales revenue back to each of the specific placements where content related to a product was placed across your site and pages. For example, understand how successful a slider that is showing a particular product is at driving sales of that specific product.

Visual merchandising

For any content element on your site, see which products have been seen, added to a cart and bought, in addition to the experience and revenue metrics from Zone-based Heatmaps.

With Merchandising Analysis, merchandising and trading teams can get a complete view of the market

  • Understand the performance of your merchandising

    Monitor the efficiency and performance of any content or product push on a page to quickly identify if they lead to specific product sales.

  • Monitor product and category performance

    Track any product or category with a 360° view on KPIs that matter, like sales performance, UX performance, and pricing positioning. Understand the influence of competitors on your sales performance and consequently adjust your pricing to maximize sales and profit.

In their own words

“Contentsquare is used by our merchandising team. We have 5 other brands and 35,000 SKUs, so it’s a lot of decisions to make to decide; which products need to be featured on which page? What do we promote? How do we promote it? Our merchandising team is using a lot of data provided by Contentsquare to make better decisions.”

Joel Palix


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