Impact Quantification

Prioritize which issues to focus on by quantifying the business impact, from conversion rates to revenue impact, of customer struggle, site performance, and experience on any page — all without the need for constant tagging.

Quantify and profile

Breakdown any behavior by trend and profile of visitors impacted, including browser type, operating system, and other key data points. See at a glance which visitors are impacted, quickly shortcut to Behavior Analysis and Zone-based Analysis to understand why, and quantify the impact.

Sequential behavior segmentation

Identified an issue in Journey Analysis or Zone-based Heatmaps? Quantify how many others exhibited the same behavior - across pages, in-page content interactions, and error messages - and how it impacted their journeys and conversion rate.

Top-down and bottom-up quantification

Your choice. Start from the analysis of a single Voice of Customer complaint and quantify how many others experienced the same issue. Or start from a bird’s eye view of your biggest issues and opportunities and drill down from there to understand better.

With Impact Quantification, your biggest issues become your biggest wins

  • Measure business impact clearly

    Take the guesswork out of understanding how your actions affect site performance, and quickly quantify opportunities to see clearly what will drive results.

  • Prioritize actions

    Uncover which issues are isolated occurrences and which are trends affecting revenue, conversion or your site experience.

  • Drive impact faster

    Free yourself from tagging your site, collecting data and waiting for answers. Dive straight into historical data on any page, to answer questions and get insight faster than your competition.

In their own words

Contentsquare will allow us to have a global vision of our KPIs instead of having to aggregate data from multiple sources. Also, being able to know where exactly to focus our attention will save us considerable time in implementing our optimisation actions."

Charles Daumas

Head of Ecommerce
Rail Europe

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