Customer Journey Analytics

See how visitors progress through your site, page by page, from entry to exit. Discover your biggest opportunities and frustrations within minutes.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Our signature sunburst visualizes aggregated data from 100% of your customer journeys, showing you which pages they visited, and in which order. See at a glance the most common journey anomalies such as looping behaviors and where unexpected drop-offs occur.

Reverse Journeys

See the pages visitors viewed before they arrived at particular pages and events such as Voice of Customer feedback, 404 site errors, site abandonment or conversion. Understand and quantify specific desirable or undesirable outcomes better.

Segmentation and Drill-down

Use segments to narrow your focus, such as customers who arrived from a specific channel or campaign. Shortcut straight to Zone-based Heatmaps or Behavior Analysis for further insight.

With Journey Analytics, behavioral anomalies are easy to quantify, understand and action

  • Reveal unexpected journey and looping behaviors

  • Detect recurring bottlenecks which affect conversion

  • Identify the content and journeys of your most valuable customers

  • Hone journeys by channel, campaign or persona based on actual behaviors

In their own words

“Contentsquare’s powerful visualization tools put it ahead of every other analytics solution in the market. We can put it in the hands of the wider teams from content, UX and analytics to merchandising, product and mobile teams without months of learning how to use it."

Jason Black

Web Communications Manager

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