APIs & Integrations

Contentsquare is like a brain for your martech stack. Use our pre-built integrations and APIs to integrate with your web analytics, Voice of Customer, and application performance monitoring systems, as well as personalization engines. Configure the user experience and workflows to tailor-fit your teams and scale smarter digital experiences.

Digital Experience Analytics APIs

Leverage scalable RESTful APIs that enable digital experience innovation by allowing outside web applications and enterprise software to interface with all metrics. Utilize APIs to configure workflows to meet the needs of your business.

Voice of customer and application performance integrations

Click into Contentsquare from your VoC or Application Performance Monitoring solution and replay the exact sessions leading up to feedback and issues. Quantify the impact and compare the behavior of visitors that rated experiences highly or poorly side-by-side.

A/B testing and personalization integrations

Inform your test strategy to identify the experiences most likely to create uplift. Understand how exposure to A/B test variations and personalizations impacts behavior not just on the page but also journeys beyond. See why one version performs better and how to create even better tests.

Web analytics integrations

Import the customer segments that you have already built in Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 to visualize their experiences in Contentsquare. Answer questions that neither system could answer on its own.

With APIs & Integrations, your whole martech stack gets smarter

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    Smarter customer engagement

    Share intelligence across your martech stack, for deeper insights and smarter execution.

  • Faster implementation and scale

    Pre-built integrations that are quick to implement, helping you save time and resources and allowing you to get into market more quickly.

  • Configurable for your team’s needs

    With APIs you can configure workflows and the UI to specific team needs

In their own words

"Contentsquare gives us the ability to have a more 3D-view of the data that comes from platforms like Google Analytics and our testing tool. It's like Contentsquare is the bridge between them.”

Steve Thompson

Head of User Experience
Dune (UK)

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