AI Insights

Let Contentsquare automatically surface your biggest opportunities and issues in seconds. Never miss an anomaly, issue or opportunity. It's like having your own team of analysts to crunch your data and feed you a smarter to-do list.

AI Alerts

Contentsquare's AI algorithms learn how your business metrics normally fluctuate. Get smart alerts that only notify of deviations from the normal range to avoid alert fatigue.

Revenue Opportunities

Automatically identify quantifiable revenue opportunities that go along with AI Alerts so you can prioritize which anomalies to analyze first.

Opportunity Scoring

See which pages have experience issues and opportunities ranked by impact on conversion. Lift the covers and understand what behaviors or issues such as rage click impacted experience scores.

Digital Happiness Index

Measure your customers' experience across 5 dimensions; Flawless, Engaged, Sticky, Intuitive, and Empowered. Understand how your site's score compares to the industry and where you should invest to increase your competitive advantage.

With AI Insights, never miss an anomaly, issue or opportunity

  • Work smarter with insights that come to you

  • Save your analysts' time

  • Prioritize where to focus based on revenue and goal impact

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    Share timely insights and actions with key stakeholders

In their own words

“An analytical tool can only be useful if it highlights areas for improvement that we can work on to enhance our relationships with our own users. Contentsquare’s technology easily surfaces these recommendations, giving our teams the ability to use customer data to better inform how we can determine areas for improvement that will make the difference.’’

Xavier Perret

Chief Digital Officer (B2B)

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