CS Merchandising

CS Merchandising helps merchandisers decide what products to promote on their website, where and how to optimize online sales performance, by combining customer journey insights, insights into your product catalog, and your competitors’ pricing. All in the same place.

Understand merchandising performance

View key metrics and driving factors impacting your product and category sales, such as product placement, price, and cross-sell, in one single dashboard.

Attribute revenue to product placements

Attribute product sales revenue back to each of the specific placements where content related to a product was placed across your site and pages. For example, understand how successful a slider that is showing a particular product is at driving sales of that specific product.

Deliver competitive pricing

Get alerted when your product pricing differs from your competition. Quantify the impact of matching a competitor's price on your sales and deliver the right price at the right time.

Category management

See all factors impacting your product or category performance in the same place: placement, price, cross-sell, reviews, and more.

Campaign and content optimization

See how content elements drive specific product sales by overlaying metrics directly on your website. Do this directly through CS Live. Optimize your website “real estate” by pushing the best performing content and products in your banners and cross-sells.

Pricing analysis

Decide on the right pricing strategy by visualizing how your price and your competitors' price impacts your sales.

Alerts and insights

Get alerted every time your pricing on a product is off compared to competitors so you can act before it is too late. Learn which product might improve your global performance by gaining visibility or through other improvements.

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