CS Find & Fix

CS Find & Fix enables both business and technical teams to surface the technical root causes impacting customer experiences, such as JS and API errors, slow performance, and any kind of error messages that are visible to site visitors. Quantify the impact on revenue and other key metrics and prioritize fixes effectively.

Troubleshoot Faster

Identify and quantify the errors that are impacting your users and your business the most, so you can focus your time on what really matters.

Align Your Teams

Break down silos, collaborate faster with your IT team and align everyone around delivering a great experience for your customers.

Speed Up Release Cycles

Identify and address issues more quickly in your web applications to allow for rapid, continuous delivery.

Respond Quickly to Customer Feedback

Connect the dots between your different systems (e.g. VOC, call center, etc.) to get a contextualized view that you can act on.

Web Performance Monitoring & Scoring

Delivers insights to marketers on loading performance issues (pages, images, script, cookies, 3rd party, etc) and how these are impacting end users.

Error Reporting & Impact Quantification

Allows businesses to surface and rank errors based on impact on revenue and conversion.

Advanced Retroactive Search

Giving teams the ability to find sessions featuring specific behaviors or error messages, such as “Product is unavailable”, and quantify lost revenue.

APM & VoC Integrations

Analyze issues identified in your APM and VOC systems by leveraging Contentsquare. Replay sessions, quantify the impact and compare the behavior of visitors that rated experiences highly or poorly side-by-side.

“At Discover Financial Services we strive to identify, troubleshoot and close out issues as quickly as possible. It’s a process that ends up being time-consuming, reactive, and manual. Contentsquare's new Find & Fix product will automate and simplify our web performance monitoring – saving our team valuable time and reducing friction within our digital customer experience.”

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