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CS Apps delivers the most comprehensive insight into your native app mobile experiences and provides your digital teams what they need to know to improve customer journeys on all mobile devices. Leverage our signature capabilities such as Dashboards, AI Alerts, Journey Analysis, Zone-Based Heatmaps, Screen Comparator across Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

Understand your app experience

Go beyond the touch & tap of traditional analytics solutions. Reveal whether users take their time reading (Slow Swipe) or rush through the screens (Fast Swipe). Deep-dive into their behavior and see its impact on key KPIs such as conversion.

Drill into user segments

Filter metrics by connection type, app version, OS version, device or a specific in-screen behavior like “tapped on add-to-cart.” Then visualize which in-screen elements drive vs. hinder conversion and revenue.

Actionable insight for the whole team

Turn behavioral data into intuitive data visualizations, alerts, and dashboards that everyone on your mobile team can understand and act on.

Lightweight and fast for iOS and Android

Applying advanced analytics shouldn’t be heavy — for you, or your app. Drag and drop our lightweight SDK into your App source code for both iOS and Android operating systems, apply minimal configurations, and start capturing your users’ in-app experience and conversion KPIs.

Look back in time & uncover your users’ past behavior 

Thanks to our exhaustive data collection and automatic event detection, you don’t need to decide which in-screen behavior events to track and measure. User gesture data is available instantly, without need for pre-tagging.

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