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Unique experience and revenue metrics. Visual data your entire team can understand. Business growth at your fingertips. Advanced A/B Testing.

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Contentsquare is the global leader in user experience analytics

Why are 700+ brands using Contentsquare to
understand and optimize their digital experience?

  • Unique Experience & Revenue Metrics

    An aggregated view revealing in-page behaviors such as attractiveness rate, hesitation, click recurrence & more give your team a fuller picture of how users interact with your site.

  • Visual data for your entire team

    Your site is your dashboard. View live instances of your web page through color-coded, visual insights overlayed directly over your site’s layout to understand how visitors interact with it directly on your browser.

  • Business growth at your fingertips

    Know exactly where to place content, product and UX elements on your site to engage customers and drive conversions. Quickly see the revenue or conversions each element on your pages is delivering for your business.

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    Advanced A/B Testing

    Measure how your variations impact experience and outcomes. View shortcuts to replays and historical versions of any page or app. Side-by-side comparisons uncover which tests worked (or didn't).

Use Case

4 Common Customer Frustrations and How to Solve Them With Behavioral Insights

See how top brands have improved their digital CX and increased conversions with unique behavioral metrics.

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Contentsquare has made our lives so much easier — not only can we see how each element of content performs, it also shows us how visitors journey through the site, giving us all the information we need to make decisions confidently.

The visualization makes the data easy to consume, and today the team uses Contentsquare as part of its daily decision-making process and whenever we are thinking about UX design.

Eumir Nicasio

Head of Product, Digital & eCommerce

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More than a heatmap

Contentsquare is an easy-to-use experience analytics platform that empowers everyone on your team to make data-driven decisions. Beyond zone-based heatmaps, our powerful suite of tools includes customer journey analysis, behavior analysis, struggle analysis, AI insights, and more to help you understand the how and why of user behavior and uncover your greatest digital opportunities.