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Paris Area, France R&D Full-time

Senior Data Scientist


Contentsquare is a digital experience analytics company dedicated to making the digital world more human through online experiences built on trust, privacy, and accessibility. Since our founding in France in 2012, we have grown to be a truly global team, representing more than 70 nationalities in offices across the world, including New York, London, Paris, Munich, San Francisco, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Singapore, and more.

We’ve been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as a Global Company of the Year, and by Wired Magazine as one of Europe’s hottest startups. In July of 2022, we raised $600M in Series F funding, doubling our valuation to $5.6B. But we’re not stopping there.

To reach our ambitious goals for the future, we will be nearly doubling the size of our global workforce in the next 2 years. Want to learn, innovate and contribute your unique perspective to an industry leader? Join the team dedicated to bringing more human analytics to the world!

The team

Contentsquare’s vision is to help businesses give users of their digital platforms an experience they LOVE, ENJOY, DESIRE, SEEK, DESERVE. That’s why we want to build a suite of products that go beyond descriptive analytics: we want to deliver practical insights and recommendations for businesses to improve their digital platform and allow an optimized experience for the users.

Our team of 18+ data scientists is at the heart of the process. We generate insights, recommendations, and personalisations from the unique dataset of user interactions and digital content collected from the most visited websites & apps worldwide (several billions of events per day). Our projects involve understanding user behaviors, modeling app/web content and layouts, automating UI/UX performance analysis, and characterizing e-commerce products. Our solutions leverage a large span of AI/ML sub-fields, including NLP and time-series forecasting.

The job

As a Senior Data Scientist you will

-Design, implement & evaluate new techniques and models to tackle business problems using AI and Machine Learning
-Work closely with Product Managers, Data engineers, Designers, Front-end Engineers, and Data Analysts to deploy models and technical solutions seamlessly into our production system.
-Build new tools to improve our data science pipeline from exploration to production.
-Lead large-scale projects.
-Mentor junior data scientists.
-Supply strategic decisions of the team.
-Attend some of the most prestigious Machine Learning conferences (e.g. NeurIPS, ICLR).
-File patents as an inventor for the original solutions you develop.


-Masters or PhD in Machine Learning or related fields, with working proficiency in Math and Statistics
-Proven experience (5 years) as a Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer
-Excellent programming skills in Python and experience in collaborating with other developers using Github or similar tools.
-Ability to translate business needs into data science requirements.
-Experience deploying ML algorithms at scale.


-Track record of outstanding achievements in ML: scientific publications in prestigious conferences and journals, blog articles, open source contributions, and so on.
-Experience adapting models to best use modern parallel environments (distributed systems, multicore SMP, GPU ...)
-Curiosity about functional programming and coding skills in C/C++, Scala, or Go.

The hiring process

-A 30 minute call with one of our Talent Acquisition Partner, to better understand your career plan and answer any questions you may have.
-A 60 minute call with a Data Science Manager, to be aligned on expectations on both sides and to talk about how you would work together.
-A remote exercise to evaluate your technical proficiency in solving data science projects and give you a taste of what you could be working on at Contentsquare.
-A 90 minute video call or onsite interview to deconstruct the solutions you proposed in the remote exercise, test your knowledge of foundational data science concepts and evaluate your live coding skills.
After each stage, the Talent Acquisition Partner will contact you to get your feedback and let you know if you will proceed to the next stage.

On average our process lasts 3-4 weeks!